take my word for it wednesday.. brrrr it's cold outside.. you need clam chowder

this is a segment where sometimes you have to have a little faith.. ha i will either not have a picture or the picture will be awful, like in this case.. so you have to take my word for it when i tell you something was good or i might tell you a book was a great read.. ect..soo take my word for it this past weekend was a whirlwind.. my niece got married.. i will actually do an entire post about that awesome event.. it was "perfect".. but on sunday.. i was running a little low on energy.. we got up and had breakfast with tina and lo to plan our veteran's day trip.. we are going up to tina's family cabin.. it's 10 degrees there right now.. yikes!! but with that in mind i decided to make clam chowder for sunday supper.. ohh it was so good like a warm hug for your tummy.. but like i said the pictures are horrible :( so your going to have to take my word for it was good!! alot of folks think chowders are hard.. let me tell you they are not.. with a few simple ingredients you can have a wonderful stick to your ribs supper.. i jammed packed mine with chunks of potatoes, celery, clams and onions..

creamy chunky clam chowder

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time:
servings: 6


2 slices of bacon, diced
1 onion, chopped
3 stalks of celery, chopped
7-9 white rose potatoes, chopped
4 cans of clams, drained and juice reserved (i used 2 minced and 2 chopped)
4 cups skim milk (you can use whole milk i didn't have any, it would make it thicker also with whole milk or even half and half would be ideal)
2 tbls. corn starch (optional)
salt and pepper

take your reserved clam juice and add to a pot and add your potatoes.. if it doesn't cover your taters add water until it does.. cook the potatoes until fork tender.. while they are cooking start your soup, so in a heavy bottom pot over medium heat cook your bacon, not until crispy but cooked, about 5 minutes.. then add your onions, celery and salt. cook until tender.. another 5 minutes.. your potatoes are probably done about now.. (don't drain them) with a slotted spoon remove 2 cups of the potatoes and 1 cup of the claim juice they were cooked in.. using a food processor (if you have one, if you don't then use a blender or hand mixer or even just a regular hand potato masher will do) cream the potatoes.. add your milk to the bacon, onion and celery mixture.. then add the creamed potatoes.. then with a slotted spoon emove the remaining potatoes and add to the party .. stir.. now add our clams and salt and pepper.. i like alot of fresh ground pepper but some like white pepper because the clam chowder is white.. i however like the look of the fresh ground pepper against the white creamy soup.. ok now you might be happy with the consistency.. i know i was.. but pete likes his much thicker and creamy.. so i took 2 tbls. of corn starch and 1/4 of a cup of the clam/potato juice whisked it together and added it to the clam chowder.. cranked the heat to high until it started to thicken up then turned to low and let it simmer for about a half an hour.. i served mine with crusty rolls..  some folks like crackers.. etc.. i like bread and dip the bread in the hot soup.. *sigh* soo good.. you have to add more pepper (well because i said so and remember this is "take my word for it wednesday"  also add tobasco.. its simply delish!!


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