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august foodie pen pal revealed

bbq chicken sandwiches with crunchy broccoli slaw..

take my word for it wednesday..this took less than 30 minutes..chicken in a sun dried tomato cream sauce over bow tie pasta

{45 by 45} introducing mr. and mrs. croque

quick and easy baked egg rolls

quick and easy tomato beef stir fry

garlicky fry sauce

take my word for it wednesday.. bagel umami burgers are good!!!

eggle bagel..

"heatlhy" oven baked turkey meatballs..

take my word for it wednesday.. julia childs rocked.. in honor of her b day today... i give you braised onions..

sticky.. sweet... spicy... messy.. honey sriracha chicken wings..

pinteresting monday.. diy farm table.. with wine/beer cooler built in..