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tgif.. and a simple but great appetizer.. pimento cheese

thirsty thursday... pomegranate lime spritzer

take my word for must try this pasta w/ spicy chicken sausage

spicy cranberry pomegranate relish

chocolate pumpkin crunch cake

crab rangoon pizza

spiced pumpkin butter

quick and easy velvetta mac 'n cheese

roasted and brined thanksgiving turkey with cornbread jalapeno stuffing..

take my word for it wednesday.. duck liver pâté is awesome!!

so nice i am posting twice.. goulash..

eggless caesar dressing

chocolate punkin whoopie pies

so nice i'm posting twice.. friday night clam chowder with crispy clam cakes

punkin pie cookies (only 3 ingredients)

take my word for it wednesday.. it was prom and potatoes and pictures.. oh my.. and a little wee fire..