Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spicy thai rice noodles

when i left work the other night i fully intended on making these noodles right here.. they sounded amazing and i could not wait to get home and make them.. well when i got home i realized i didn't have scallions, linguine pasta nor did i have peanuts.. there went several key ingredients.. so I improvised and used what i had and it turned out delicious!! we all agreed it was a good. so it will making a repeat in our house.. don't be afraid if you don't have the ingredients.. improvise.. you may create something better than the original.. there are no set rules.. well at least there aren't here..

prep time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 20 minutes
servings: 4


1 box rice noodles, cooked to package directions (we LOVE rice noodles..)
1 tbls. crushed red pepper
1/4 cup veggie oil
1/2 cup sesame oil
4 tbls. honey
4 tbls. low sodium soy
1 cup chopped sugar snap peas
1/4 cup chopped cashews
1 cup shredded carrots
1/4 cup chopped cilantro


heat both oils in a heavy bottom pot over medium heat..add crushed red pepper cook for about 3-4 minutes.. strain out crushed pepper and reserve your chili oil..

take a 1/4 cup of  chili oil (keep the rest for another use.. i now make it a few times a month and just keep it on hand..) and whisk with honey and soy sauce until well combined and set aside..

cook noodles according to package directions.. (rewad rice noodles package carefully you don't actually boil them.. like regular pasta..) couple turns around the wok with your chili oil, honey and soy sauce mixture over medium heat..heat for about a minute.. add noodles.. stir fry for about 2-3 minutes.. add sugar snap peas.. stir fry again for another 2-3 minutes..

add carrots and stir fry again.. cook until tender about 4-6 minutes.. turn heat to low add cilantro and cashews and stir fry for another 2-3 minutes then serve.. i served mine with sweet and spicy pork tenderloin, recipe coming up this week.. all in all it was really tasty .. we enjoyed it and will be making again..maybe next time with the original ingredients called for or maybe not *wink*..

Monday, March 26, 2012

lightened up huevos rancheros..

every christmas morning since i was about 15 we have had huevos rancheros.. it was always my duty to make it..but what's weird is i don't make it any other day but christmas morning because it's so heavy and time consuming to make.. lucky for us i woke up yesterday craving it and thought i could lighten it up so easy.. and make it simpler.. now on christmas morning we still do the traditional way.. frying the tortillas in oil..making homemade re-fried beans.. frying the eggs in butter.. yumm.. but for a quick light weekend breakfast i have a feeling we will be calling upon this recipe..

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 45 minutes
servings: 4


olive oil
1/2 an onion, minced
1 roasted green chili pepper, minced
1 can of ro-tel tomatoes (we used the mild)
oil spray
salt and pepper
1/4 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp. ancho chili pepper
1 or 2 eggs per person (depending on their preference)
1 oz. low fat shredded cheese
low fat sour cream
guacamole (i just took an avocado mash it up added a tsp. of salt, a tsp. of garlic powder, a tsp. of lemon juice and a tablespoon of light sour cream and mixed together)
cilantro and scallions (for garnish)
1 corn tortilla per person

in a medium heavy bottom pan add 1 twirl around the pan with olive oil.. add onions and green chilis.. cook until soft about 4-5 minutes.. then add tomatoes, cumin, ancho chili pepper, salt and pepper.. turn to medium low and cook until the liquid from the tomatoes has mostly evaporated.. about 30 minutes.. once it's ready and getting to a thick consistency start your tortillas.. in an iron skillet over medium high heat lightly spray your tortilla with spray oil, like pam, on both sides.. heat a few minutes in the pan until the tortilla begins to brown and get crispy.. wrap in foil and set aside.. in a small non stick pan, lightly spray the pan with spray oil then over medium low heat cook your egg or eggs.. for best results crack your egg slightly then directly over the spot you want your egg and as close as you can get to the pan open your egg with your fingers and let the yolk and white gently drop into your pan..once it starts to cook add salt and pepper then cover and cook until sunny side up or to your preference.. to serve take your tortilla add some of the tomatoes, cheese, egg, then top with cilantro, scallions, a dollop of sour cream and guac..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

guinness irish stew

if you have read this blog more than a few times then you know i don't like stews or things cooked in the crock pot.. it's a texture thing.. well i had a hair appointment last night and knew i wouldn't have time to make dinner so i had to inlist the help of my trusty under appreciated crock pot.. i had been checking out pinterest and came across this recipe here.. and knowing i wouldn't be home until later and that left to their own devices pete and shell would eat ice cream for dinner i decided to make crock pot stew.. i stopped by the house on my way to my appointment and i have to admit the house smelled amazing and the stew didn't look revolting..(so i quickly took a few pictures knowing there wouldn't be enough when i got home to take better ones..) when i got home from my appointment pete was on his third helping and shell was on her second.. both declaring it the best stew they've ever eaten.. so i, feeling peer pressure, tasted some of it. and GUESS WHAT!!!!! i didn't like it! haha at least i keep trying..

prep time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 8 hours
servings: 4-6


2 lb. chuck roast, cubed
1 bag of the mini carrots, already peeled
1 large onions, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 tblsp.garlic powder
1 tblsp. onion powder
1 tblsp. smokey paprika
3 russet potatoes, diced
1 cup beef broth
1 can guinness beer
1 six oz can of tomato paste
salt and pepper
olive oil

two twirls around a heavy bottom pan with olive oil over medium heat cook your cubed meat until brown.. add to your crock pot the potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic.. on top of that add the browned meat... in the pan you just cooked the meat in add about a 1/4 of a cup of guinness and deglaze the pan.. then add your tomato paste and cook for about 5 minutes, it make a dark thick sauce.. then add tomato mixture to the crock pot.. then add your beef broth and remaining can of beer, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt and pepper.. turn crock pot to low and cook for 8 hours.. serve in bowls with crusty french bread..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

take my word for it wednesday.. it doesn't have to be St. Patty's day to enjoy these recipes

i had never made a corned beef before..  i don't like meat cooked in the crockpot and "boiling" it didn't appeal to me either, so i never made one.. then i came across this recipe here.. by Simply Recipes.. and she bakes it with sweet hot mustard.. ohh my i knew i had to make it this year.. i changed one thing from her recipe.. she calls for cloves.. and i don't care for them so i omitted them.. and i believe mine came out wonderful.. it was so good we had corned beef hash for breakfast and then pete wanted rueben's for lunch but i was out of corned beef so pete ran to the store and i cooked another one.. ha it was that good.. we won't be waiting for St. Patrick's day to make this again..

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time: 2 hours and 15 minutes
servings: 4


3 lb corned beef in package (spice packet discarded)
1/4 cup hot sweet mustard
2 tbls. brown sugar

pre heat oven to 350 degrees (f).. drain corned beef from the package, discard the spice packet and rinse off the corned beef.. take 2 pieces of foil and make a T over your baking pan.. lay corned beef, fat side up in the center..spread the top with the hot sweet mustard and sprinkle brown sugar over the top.. wrap the corned beef with the foil in a way which allows for a little space on top between the meat and the foil and creates a container to catch the juice.. (mine didn't even drip into my pan..) bake for 2 hours.. open the foil wrapping and spread a little more mustard and use a ladle and drench the meat with it's own juices.. put back in the oven for 15-20 more minutes or until the top gets bubbly and lightly brown..let rest for 5 - 10 minutes, then place on a cutting board and cut across the grain of the meat.. yummyyyyyy.. ohh and open a can of guinness and enjoy!!!

now the next day pete was waiting patiently for me to wake up and make corned beef hash.. i had never made it before but it seemed simple enough.. i chopped come onions, some bell peppers, sauteed them, added diced frozen hashbrowns (that had been thawed) cook those until soft.. added some diced up corned beef.. tossed on a over easy egg and voila.. scrumptious breakfast!!

prep time: 20 minutes
cooking time: 20 minutes
servings: 4


olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
1 bell pepper chopped
3 cups chopped corned beef
3 cups cubed frozen hashbrowns, thawed
salt and pepper
8 eggs

heat two twirls around your pan of olive oil (i used my iron skillet) over medium heat.. add onions and peppers and cook a few minutes until tender about 4 -5.. add potatoes spread evenly over the pan.. cook until tender.. add chopped corned beef and spread everything evenly over the bottom of the pan and press down with a spatula..do not stir to often you want them to get brown.. once the bottom is nicely brown flip it over in sections and press down again with spatula.. cook until it's all nicely brown.. remove from heat.. add salt and pepper to taste.. serve with 2 fried eggs..

then it was lunch time and we were not yet sick of the corned beef so we had grilled rueben sandwiches.. oh my they were amazing.. i happened to be watching the show sandwich king on food network that morning and he made this sandwich here.. and it sounded so yummy.. so i took my inspiration from his sandwich..

prep time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 10 minutes
servings: 4


2 tbsp. butter, room temperature
8 slices of rye bread
8 sliced of swiss cheese
1 lb corned beef, sliced
1 cup coleslaw (i used the thin sliced pre packaged cabbage)
1/2 cup russian dressing (recipe below)

combine coleslaw and 1/4 cup russian dressing.. set aside.. spread a thin layer of the russian dressing on the inside of your bread then place one slice of the cheese on that .. pile your meat on the cheese, add some of the coleslaw mixture, then top with another slice of cheese.. spread another thin layer of russian dressing on the inside of the second piece of bread and top your sandwich with that piece.. butter the top side of your bread that's facing you.. heat a heavy bottom non stick skillet or griddle pan over medium low heat.. add the sandwiches with the butter side down.. then butter the top piece now facing you.. cook until the one side is golden brown.. using a spatula carefully flip the sandwich and finish cooking on the second side and until golden brown.. remove from heat.. slice in half and devour..

russian dressing:


1 1/2 cups mayo
2/3 cup chili sauce
1/2 cup sour cream
1 tbls. prepared horseradish
1 tbls. fresh squeezed lemon
2 tsp. sugar
2 tsp. worcestershire sauce
1tsp. hot sauce
1 tsp. smoky paprika
1 dill pickle, chopped
2 scallions, chopped, top and bottom
salt and pepper

combing all the above in a food processor until thoroughly mixed.. do not over blend, you still want some chunks.. season with salt and pepper.. set aside if using right away or put in the fridge in a covered jar.. it's sooooooo good!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

quick and easy baked eggs with tomatoes and feta..

the other morning i woke up craving eggs.. now that doesn't happen very often.. but a creamy egg that i could dip my toast in was speaking to me.. so i rummaged in the fridge found some feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, scallions and i was set.. pete wanted meat in his so he got canadian bacon in his.. shelby declared she hated eggs and how didn't i know this.. *eyeroll* she made herself eggs a few weeks ago.. teenagers!!

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 10 minutes
servings: 2


4 eggs
butter for ramekins
cherry tomatoes
salt and pepper
cheese of your choice
meat of your choice, pete had canadian bacon
parsley (for garnish)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees (f) ... butter your ramekins.. crack 2 eggs into each ramekin.. add tomatoes, cheese, meat and scallions.. place  ramekins on a baking tray and cook until the white of the egg sets up and the yolk is still a little runny for about 10 minutes.. serve immediately with toast or flour tortilla.. super yummy..

UPDATE!! how fun my recipe is being featured over at all free casserole recipes check it out here..

Thursday, March 15, 2012

fruit pizza

in my bountiful basket i got a ton of kiwi and i didn't know what to do with them all.. shell had said i should make a fruit pizza.. i had never made one but tina (you've seen me mention tina she is always giving us great recipe ideas) had made one and posted a picture on facebook and immediately jessie, my niece and shell both sent me messages that i needed to make one of them and pronto.. well the next week i ended up with all these kiwi and a family dinner that night so perfect timing.. shell said i didn't put enough fruit on it so next time i would put more..but i had never made one before ya live and learn!!

prep time: 20 minutes
cook time: 16-20 minutes
servings: 12


1 roll (16.5 oz) refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1  package ( 8 oz) cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp. orange extract
1 cup sliced strawberries
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
1 cup sliced kiwi

heat oven to 350 degrees (f).  foil line a 12 inch pizza pan.. remove cookie dough from package and press dough evenly in bottom of pan to form crust.. bake 16-20 minutes or until slightly golden brown.. cool completely.. about 30 minutes.. in a small bowl beat cream cheese, sugar and orange extract with electric mixer until fluffy.. spread mixture over cooled crust.. arrange fruit over cream cheese.. refrigerate until chilled.. cut into wedges or squares..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

take my word for it wednesday.. be aware of your surroundings...

this has been a very stressful and crazy past few days.. i woke up on thursday not feeling my best, knowing a cold was coming on.. so pete said let's order pizza and go to bed early.. so i took 2 nyquil cold tablets and went to bed around 8:30.. around 9:15 pete got a call and you could tell by the sound of his voice and the questions he was asking something was wrong.. so i woke myself out of my medicated sleep and asked what was going on.. a sentence i never thought i would ever in my life hear was said next.. jake has been robbed at gun point by three thugs.. i froze.. what did you say huh? is he alright. all the while praying he has to be alright or he would have started the conversation differently.. yes he is alright but one of the robbers said shoot him and so jake took off running.. my head swirling and brain trying to process what had just occurred i asked what happened.. pete proceeded to tell me a story that was scary but when jake got home and we heard it from his mouth, with his expressions and with the adrenaline still coursing through his viens from the evening it was downright terrifying.. now let me start off jake is fine and was not hurt.. and we are so proud of him.. was he in danger.. yes.. did he do all the right things i believe so yes.. jake unfortunately put himself in a dangerous situation.. he has late night classes at the university and rather than park on campus he, for the past three years, has parked behind a bar by the school.. but thursday night he couldn't park behind the bar, because it was full due to a basketball tournament..he then went a block over and parked in apartment complex.. one he was not familiar with..  after class he proceeds to his car.. he notices three younger guys, about 17-19 years old walking towards him, he puts his keys through his fingers, wolverwine style in one hand and a pen in the other.. then he sees them walk away so he assumes he had it wrong.. puts his keys in his pocket.. then next thing you know one of the guys is in front of him.. black hoodie with the hoodie up.. he pulls a gun on jake and says "where is my dog.." jake is thoroughly confused and says what are you talking about.. the kid repeats where the f&*( is my dog! jake again says i don't know what your talking about what are you saying.. he cocks the gun and says i want your money homie!! jake then pulls out his wallet and he has jake open it and throw the cash down.. he then asks jake for his cell phone and backpack which had his computer in it.. then he says to jake following me.. jake says i am not going with you.. he said follow me and appeared to be getting agitated with jake ..jake says again i am not going anywhere with you, you got everything i have but i am not going with you..he then told jake to get between to cars and get down on the ground.. jake crouched down and he said get under the van.. jake said i am not getting under the van.. then one of the other guys says he isn't listening to you you gotta shoot him.. jake hearing this stood up and ran into the apartment complex.. zig zagging coming out on the other side of he sees a bar and runs into the bar.. calls pete then call 911.. very scary to the say the least.. but he kept his cool.. he did however stand his ground and refuse to leave where he was was which was smart and when he heard the other kid say shoot him he thought if he was running away he would be harder to hit.. not something a mother wants to hear but all the same very very proud of his instincts and his common sense.. now you ask will he parking off campus again.. UMMM NO.. parking pass purchased.. i know people say tell your loved ones that  you love them everyday because no one is guaranteed tomorrow, but it really is true...

now on to a different subject.. and one that i love.. FOOD!!!!the feeling under the weather i refer to above went into down right sick as a dog on sunday.. so since i wasn't feeling any where near well enough to make a typical sunday dinner i enlisted the help of my crockpot.. now i have said before i dislike the crockpot and mostly everything cooked in it.. hahaha with 2 exceptions, pulled pork and french dip sandwiches.. so i made the later.. I took one onion sliced it up and laid it in the bottom of the crock pot. i took 3 garlic cloves and smashed them and put them in the bottom too.. I took my roast fat side up and put it in the crock pot on the onions and garlic.. I took 1/2 can of Fosters Beer (but 1 can of regular beer would be ok too) and poured it all over.. then I took a table spoon of garlic powder and 1 of onion powder and covered the fat cap of the roast then sprinkled with salt and pepper and cooked for about 8-9 hours on low.. i removed the roast and sliced on my cutting board.. using a slotted spoon i removed the onions and garlic and discarded..i then took about 3 ladles of the remaining juice and put in a pot and put on the stove and turned it one to medium heat i added 1/2 cup of beef broth and brought to a boil then reduced to a simmer.. i served the meat on sourdough deli rolls with swiss cheese, sauteed onions and mushrooms and then had the au jus on the side.. i have to say one of the best french dip sandwiches and so easy!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

stromboli with wine/blue cheese dipping sauce..

if your from vegas there is a very good chance you have had a stromboli from four kegs.. four kegs sports bar.. if you went to unlv there is about a 100% possibility you went there at least once for a meal or beer or both heh :) .. if you watch guy fieri's show diners, drive in and dives there is a good chance you saw the episode about their famous "stromboli".. you see guy went to college at unlv and frequented four kegs as did most unlver's.. actually pete and i would go on friday nights about 2 years after we were married (2 years you ask.. why wait that long?? umm cause i wasn't 21.. ha ha until exactly 2 years after we got married) and well it's a sport's bar.. that had the best, coldest beer in town.. unfortunately the one by unlv closed (they closed the entire strip mall it was in) and now there is only 1 left in town.. i try to go about once a year.. they are the best.. my favorite is the turkey and swiss and pete's is the original.. both equally amazing i believe..

 they also had this wine blue cheese dipping sauce that was out of this world.. totally unique.. up til recently i haven't been able to duplicate it.. but with some effort i believe i've been able to make a comparable sauce.. now of course neither the stromboli or the sauce are anywhere near as great as the original.. but it does fulfill my fix..

turkey and swiss stromboli

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 7 minutes
servings: 2


1 lb pizza dough.. (homemade like the one i made here or store bought)
1/2 lb. store bought sliced turkey deli meat
6 slices swiss cheese (baby alpine is my favorite)
1 egg white with 1 tbls. water whisked together
olive oil
pizza stone

place your pizza stone in a cold oven.. turn up to 500 degrees (f) and allow pizza stone to get hot for 30 minutes.. in the meantime roll out your dough on a floured surface like your making pizza.. approx. a 10 by 8 inch oval.. i brushed a little olive all over the surface.. then down the center in a straight line laid my turkey then topped it with swiss cheese.. i rolled mine jelly roll style.. brush the top with egg whites.. then place on a piece of parchment paper.. (in the picture you will notice i used foil i ran out fo parchment paper) pick up parchment and stromboli and place gently onto pizza stone, about 4 minutes into baking pull out parchment paper (it might catch fire if you don't).. continue baking until lightly brown approx 7 minutes total..  to make the original i brushed pizza sauce on the surface.. laid down the center ham, salami and pepperoni.. sprinkled mozzarella over it all and rolled it up.. then bake the same as the turkey and swiss.

wine blue cheese dipped sauce.. (adapted from here..)

1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese
6 oz. fat free greek yogurt
1 tbls. light mayo (you can skip the yogurt and light mayo and use 2 tbls. of regular mayo for a richer creamier sauce)
1 tblsp. lemon juice
1/2 tblsp. red wine vinegar
1/2 tblsp. hearty red wine
1/8 tsp. garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste

in a small mixing bowl mix everything together and chill for an hour before serving..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

southern fried chicken

let me apologize right off the bat.. there is nothing healthy, low fat or dietetic about this meal.. in fact it's the exact opposite.. but i only make it once a year and it's for my dad's b day.. sooo.. here it is.. now our fried chicken is simple.. no brining.. no soaking in buttermilk.. no three part dipping, dredging process.. but it's fantastic.. my mother was born in texas and raised by a beautiful southern woman aka mommabell... mommabell only served her ice cream in wooden bowls (tasted better that way).. would not eat salad with a fork (the fork ruined the taste of the lettuce.. she would eat it with her fingers.. very delicately and daintily of course) .. if mayo was kept out for more than 20 minutes in the garbage it went for it became poisonous (i can't tell you how long it took me to get over that one).. she made a mean shrimp gumbo (no filet powder in her gumbo no sirree) and she made awesome fried chicken.. always in her iron skillet (the one used above was hers..) now there is a trick to fried chicken.. never ever ever put wet or partially frozen chicken in hot oil... my mom was making it once and there were little pockets of ice left under the skin, which she did not know about and when it hit the hot grease the result landed her in the emergency room.. so always defrost your chicken entirely and rinse and pat dry.. according to michael symon it's perfectly acceptable to leave chicken out for 30 minutes or so before cooking it.. so i rinse mine pat try and put on a lined baking sheet for 30 minutes before cooking..and always always thoroughly cook your chicken.. and yes i'm speaking from experience.. one year for dad's b day.. about 8 years ago.. i made fried chicken, of course, and my outside was a golden beautiful brown and inside was raw (i won't go into details but good golly oh mighty augh).. bleeak.. icky.. let's just say for about 5 years after that fiasco we had my dad's dinner out at a fancy restaurant..when frying be sure your oil is between 350 - 370 degrees (f).. there are wonderful tips for frying here.. and make sure when done your internal temperature of the chicken is 160 degrees (f).. following these few simple rules and you too can be cooking like a southern woman or man :).. but you have to say words like pillah (pillow) mirrah (mirror) yellah (yellow) and my favorite hairikin (hurricane).. boy do i miss my mommabell.. she sadly passed away nearly 26 years ago.. but there is not a single day that has gone by since that i haven't thought about her.. *big smile*

prep time: 20 minutes
cooking time: 1 hour or more
servings: 10


1 package of skin on bone in thighs
1 package of drum sticks
1 package of breasts (the ones i used were boneless/skinless)
salt and pepper
oil (veggie or canola)

sorry about no measurements but hopefully the way i explain how i cook it will suffice..

wash and pat dry your chicken pieces.. let sit on a lined baking sheet for about 30 minutes.. take a ziplock bag or large paper bag and put in about 3 cups a/p flour.. salt and pepper to taste.. i add a few shakes of cayenne too.. add one piece of chicken to bag and close bag with your fist and shake.. while shaking move your hips back and fourth and your arms up and down and say "shake shake shake.. shake shake shake.. shake your booty.." or not.. it's strictly optional.. *smile* after your piece of chicken is coated remove from bag shake off extra flour and let it fall back into the bag and place on another lined baking sheet NOT the one with the unfloured chicken.. continue until all chicken is floured.. remove the lining from the sheet that held the raw unfloured chicken and clean your baking sheet and line again, i use foil.. then take another paper bag and rip off end and rip down the center and spread over your foil lined baking sheet.. (this is where your going to put your chicken after it has been fried) take your iron skillet and fill with oil about 1/2 way.. do NOT over fill or you will have one big mess on your hands.. heat your oil, over medium high heat..then while it's heating add 1/2 stick of butter.. once your oil and butter have reached the proper temperature of 350-375 degrees (let me tell you though some cooks like alton brown say to have your oil no higher than 325 and an internal temperature of 180 just as an fyi) gently place chicken in pan using your tongs..do not over crowd your skillet.. you will be doing this in batches.. heat your oven to 225.. cook drum sticks and thighs for 10-12 minutes per side and breasts 12-14.. once cooked all the way through remove from oil and place on a foil lined/brown paper bag lined baking sheet and put in oven to keep warm.. then repeat until all the chicken has been cooked..

now sit back.. pat yourself on the back.. pour yourself a mint julep and relax.. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

buttermilk sour cream pepper biscuits

i couldn't decide on what kind of biscuits to make for poppi's b day dinner.. then last week i was watching melissa d'arabian's 10.00 dinners and she made the easiest looking biscuits ever.. recipe found here.. they looked so simple!! now hers calls for garlic and oregano and that was not the flavor profile i was aiming for then i remember awhile ago i saw bobby flay make buttermilk pepper biscuits.. recipe found here.. now with his he called for rolling out the dough and cutting them out whereas the other was to make wedges.. so i figured why not combine the best elements from each recipe and viola.. this is what we had.. they were so good.. i mean really good.. like the next day wake up and crave them with a little honey good.. i had already decided to make butter for the nights menu and the bonus when doing that is you get buttermilk.. the menu was coming together nicely.. what could be better than biscuits made with homemade buttermilk and slathered in homemade butter.. *sigh* let's take a moment.. ok moment over.. so if you make anything from this site i suggest these super simple biscuits!!  now having bragged about them i will tell you i would use less baking powder next time.. baking powder is what makes a biscuit a biscuit rather than a roll and while i think they were heavenly i still think a smidge less baking powder would have made them "perfection"..

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time: 11-14 minutes
servings: 12


4 cups ap flour
12 tbls. cold butter, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
2 tblsp. baking powder (maybe a little less you make them first with the full amount and see let me know what you think)
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. freshly ground pepper
1 1/2 cups butter milk
1/2 cup sour cream

chill butter in freezer while gathering other ingreidents.. preheat oven to 425 degrees (f).. place flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and pepper in food processor and pulse.. add butter and process until mixture resembles wet sand.. add butter milk and sour cream and pulse until a ball of dough is formed.  place the dough on a floured surface and form 2 discs..

cut each disc into 6 wedges.. (they reminded me of sugar cookie dough ha and shelby of scones..)

brush the tops with either a little sour cream or buttermilk and bake until fluffy and golden about 11-14 minutes.. definately something i will be making again.. so simple and easy and if you aren't crazy and have homemade buttermilk and butter on hand you can always use the store bought kind!! haha happy eating..

Monday, March 5, 2012

Poppi's 71st B Day Dinner Party.. and I may have gone overboard..

for my dad, aka poppi's b day party this year i made all his favorites.. (he has the same menu every year..) and a few he didn't even know where his favorites until now.. ha.. i may have gone a little overboard.. but we only have this kind of meal once a year and well i had the time so might as well.. it was such a fun night.. and the kids had a good time and i gave my bother a tv challenge, which was to hook up my sling adapter to my dvr.. :) he can't back down from a tv challenge.. i will show you the menu then over the course of the week i will post the recipes!! everything was so yummy.. but sooooooooooo not diet friendly.. luckily we only do this once a year..

to start off the meal we had

 caramelized onion jam crostinis..

 mini caprese skewers

the entree consisted of:

southern fried chicken

buttermilk mashed taters.. (the reason they are kinda yellow is i used yukon gold potatoes, home made butter milk and home made butter.. *yeah that might be where the overboard kinda started*)

buttermilk biscuits.. served with

homemade butter (yes i admit i went over board on this one..)

and for dessert..

gradnmommy's miracle whip cake with

fudge frosting..

poppi remembers grandmommy always served her cake in a casserole dish so that the fudge frosting can form a thick layer on top and not run down the sides..

look at those smiling faces.. poppi's grandkids..

our newest addition.. amelia paige..
last year at poppi's b day party janet announced she was pregnant with this cutie pie..

poppi's boys..

poppi's girls (there is no picture of me i was taking the photo :/ )

janet and amelia ..

love those smiles..

amelia loved her some shelby kisses..

poppi requesting assistance from ollie to blow out his candles

ollie loves the skateboard he asked if he could take it home and sleep with it..

ollie loved the chicken but literally gagged and acted like he was going to throw up when eating the mashed potatoes.. (let me tell you that was NOT the opinion of the rest of us they were yummy) but it was rather funny..