Wednesday, August 31, 2011

take my word for it wednesday..fall is a commen..

ok it might not feel like it and especially here in vegas where it's over a 100 degrees today.. yes over a 100 i know crazy but you can tell fall is coming.. wanna know how i know? ha i will tell you.. albertsons' had their roasted green chili weekend.. when you buy a 32 lb. burlap sack they roast them for you.. now this year our neighbor went for us and stood in line for 5 hours.. DID YOU HEAR ME 5 hours!! sorry charlie i would have have left but they stuck it out and we got our bag of chilies.. i broke my sack down into 25 quart size zip lock bags..when i get my burlap sack i start to get a warm fuzzy feeling inside .. because i know cooler weather is on it's way.. sweatshirts and jeans weather hooray.. now don't get me wrong i love my summers in vegas we are a lake family and spend every weekend we can out there but i also love my autumn weather too.. sit out back by the fire pit kinda nights..chili in the crock pot.. and of course cooking with my roasted green chilies.. so keep an eye out.. there will be plenty of recipes posted using my chilies.. the possibilities are endless.. there is pork chili verde.. green chili sour cream enchiladas...salsa...they can go in just about anything.. omelets,  quesadilla, baked potatoes..even mashed.. i can't wait and i hope you can't either and you get to  enjoy the recipes that are posted over the next several months..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{45 by 45} spicy potato pancakes

this past sunday i was craving spicy potato pancakes.. we have a restaurant in boulder city called southwest diner.. menu found here..they have wonderful food.. so the first time i tried these i didn't know what to expect.. they serve it with apple sauce so i wasn't sure if they would be sweet n spicy or what.. so i ordered my egg on a separate plate and got it scrambled.. well as soon as i tried them i knew it would be amazing with a sunny side up egg right on top.. they aren't like any "pancake" i have had before.. they were like mashed potatoes made into a pancake.. the next time we went i got my egg on top and wow was it good.  so sunday i got up and wanted them again but i thought i would try and duplicate them.. i hadn't made mashed potatoes in forever so i didn't have any left over so i got a tub of the pre made mashed potatoes from the store.. and they turned out awesome!! you must try these.. if not for breakfast then dinner.. they are that good.. i suggest this long weekend you make them.. let me know what you think if you do..

prep time:  10 minutes
cooking time: 15 minutes
servings: approx. 4


4 cups cold left over mashed potatoes (prepared with milk and butter)
1 egg, beaten slightly
1 can whole kernal corn, drained
2 jalapeno peppers, diced small
1 small onion, diced small
salt and pepper
sour cream (optional)
egg (optional)
parsley for garnish (optional)
olive oil

combine the first 6 ingredients and mix well. in an iron skillet heat oil over medium hight heat.. add potato mixture and press down with the back of your spoon to flatten and make a "pancake".. cover and cook for 6 minutes or until bottom is crispy..  flip over and do the other side for another 5 minutes or so.. keep an eye on them you don't want to flip them to early they will fall apart.. remove to a serving plate.. garnish with a dollop of sour cream and a sunny side up egg if you wish sprinkle with parsley and serve with a bloody mary.. now thats sunday brunch!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

flat bread.. the new pizza

(margherita pizza)

i was in my vons the other day and came across pre made pizza dough.. i was so excited.. they have never had it before.. and they had different kinds even.. garlic and herb.. wheat or white.. i decided to go with the wheat.. and it was wonderful.. now i made my own pizza dough, recipe here but sometimes it's nice to have a back up.. i bought 3 packages and tossed them in the freezer then when the mood hits.. viola pizza/flat bread it can be a meal or appetizer.. now we have a fig tree in our back yard and i decided a fig, prosciutto and goat cheese flat bread (i am really liking the thin crispy crusts right now) would be aaahhhhmmmaaazzzziiinggg.. and well i was right.. pete nor shelby would even try it (apparently they don't like goat cheese.. go figure).. that just meant more me.. yayaya!! i made shell a margherita pizza (her favorite) and for pete i took chicken sausage (the spinach and mozzarella kind), peppers and cheese.. he ate it all i didn't get one bite :( the recipe below is for all three pizza's and one i made with left over ingredients..

margherita pizza

prep time:  10 minutes
cooking time: 7 minutes
servings: approx. 1 hungry person :)


1 lb of packaged pizza dough (cut into thirds it will make 3 individual pizza/flat breads)
3 ounces of fresh mozzarella, sliced
10 small grape tomatoes sliced
1/3 cup packed basil leaves, sliced
olive oil
sheet of parchment paper
pizza stone

preheat oven to 500 with a pizza stone in the oven.. roll out dough on a floured surface then slide flat bread/pizza on to a piece of parchment paper... brush dough with olive oil  and top with mozzarella and your tomatoes.. pick up parchment and pizza and slide gently onto pizza stone, about 2 minutes into baking pull out parchment paper (it might catch fire if you don't).. after about 4 minutes sprinkle with basil and continue baking until lightly brown and cheese is melted..about 6-7 minutes.. keep an eye on it..

(chicken sausage and peppers pizza)

chicken sausage and peppers

prep time:  20 minutes
cooking time: 7 minutes
servings: approx. 1 hungry person :)


2 chicken sausages, sliced (i used the spinach and mozzarella ones)
1 small onion, sliced
1 red pepper, sliced
3/4 cup shredded mozzarella
a few springs of thyme
olive oil
sheet of parchment paper
pizza stone

preheat oven to 500 with a pizza stone in the oven.. in a small saute pan once around the pan with olive oil, saute the onions and peppers until caramelized.. in another small pan once around with the olive oil also over medium low heat cook heat up the sausage.. it's already cooked so your just caramelizing it so to speak..while that's all cooking roll out dough on a floured surface then slide flat bread/pizza on to a piece of parchment paper brush dough with olive oil and sprinkle with thyme.. top with the pepper/onion mixture, chicken sausage then cheese.. pick up parchment and pizza and slide gently onto pizza stone, about 2 minutes into baking pull out parchment paper (it might catch fire if you don't).. continue baking until lightly brown and cheese is melted.. about 6-7 minutes.. keep an eye on it..

fig, prosciutto and goat cheese flat bread

prep time:  20 minutes
cooking time: 7 minutes
servings: approx. 1 individual pizza

1 lb of packaged pizza dough (cut into thirds it will make 3 flat breads/pizza)
6 ounces of mild goat cheese, crumbled
1 small onion sliced
5 fresh figs, sliced
4 thin slices of prosciutto, torn into pieces
a few springs of thyme, chopped
olive oil
sheet of parchment paper
pizza stone

preheat oven to 500 with a pizza stone in the oven.. in a small saute pan once around the pan with olive oil, saute the figs and onions until onions are slightly caramelized.. while that's cooking roll out dough on a floured surface then slide flat bread/pizza on to a piece of parchment paper brush dough with olive oil and sprinkle with thyme.. top with the onion and fig mixture, goat cheese and torn prosciutto.. pick up parchment and pizza and slide gently onto pizza stone, about 2 minutes into baking pull out parchment paper (it might catch fire if you don't).. continue baking until lightly brown and cheese is melted.. about 6-7 minutes.. keep an eye on it..

(prosciutto and caramelized onion flat bread)

for the one above i had left over caramelized onion, prosciutto and mozzarella cheese.. it quite yummy too..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

take my word for it wednesday..mar-a-lago turkey burgers

ok these burgers are the best turkey burgers i've ever had.. they are one of the first foods i've ever eaten and realized what all the foodie's mean when you taste the layers of flavors.. you can actually taste each flavor.. its amazing.. i simply love these.. now i will give you the recipe as written and on the side tell you my changes ect.. cause of course even something this good needs to be tweaked to yours and your family's liking.. now i've been making these for years and still consider it one of my favorite go to burger recipes..

prep time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 15 minutes
servings: approx. 8 burgers


1/4 cup thinly sliced scallions
1/2 cup finely chopped celery (i did this the first time but the 100 time since i have omitted this ingredient)
3 granny smith apples, peeled and diced (i did this the time and jake didn't like the "chunks" of apple so the next time and since then i used my mini processor and chopped it that way so there were no "chunks")
1/8 cup of canola oil (i used olive oil)
4 lbs. ground turkey breast (i used ground turkey not the breasts)
2 tbsp.salt
1 tbsp. pepper
2 tsp. tobasco chipolte pepper sauce
1 lemon, juiced and zest grated
1/2 bunch of parsley, finely chopped
1/4 cup major greys chutney, pureed (i used the spicy one..)
8 hamburger buns


saute the scallions, celery and apple in oil until tender.  remove from heat and allow to cool.  place ground turkey in a large mixing bowl.  add sauteed vegies and the remaining ingredients.  shape into 8 eight ounce burgers.  refrigerate for 2 hours. (important step they will fall apart if you don't.. actually i put in the freezer while i get the condiments ready and side dishes and the grill heats up..)  season burgers with salt and pepper.  place on a preheated, lightly oiled grill.  grill each side for approx. 7 minutes until meat is cooked thoroughly.  let sit for 5 minutes. while it's sitting brush your bun with a little olive oil and toast on the grill.. i serve it with swiss or pepper jack cheese, spicy mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion.. and as a side dish spicy sweet potato fries..

spicy sweet potato fries

prep time: 15
cooking time: 30 minutes
servings: approx. 4


4 sweet potatoes, cut into shoe string fries
1/4 of a cup of cooking oil
2 tsp. chipolte powder *more if you like more heat*
2 tsp. smokey paprika

preheat your oven to 400 degrees (f) mix oil and spices in a bowl add cut fries and toss.. spread out on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment or foil.. make sure none are overlaping.. cook for 15 minutes then take them out and kinda move them around with a spatula.. basically turn them over and cook another 15 mintes or until done..

spicy mayo

1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons heinz ketchup
2 teaspoon chipolte tobasco
2 teaspoon smokey paprika
1 teaspoon splenda
1 teaspoon liquid smoke 

Mix all ingredients well and refridgerate any left overs..

Friday, August 12, 2011

parmigiano and herb-fortified stock

(see those chunks in the center that's parmesan cheese rind.. umm yummy)

I was watching rachel ray's week in a day and saw this stock and thought ohh my goodness i have to make it.. its wonderful.. her recipe can be found  here.. i changed mine a bit.. she used it in her marinara and then hunters chicken on the show.. it's so flavorful it can be used in any recipe that calls for vegi stock or even chicken stock..

parmigiano and herb-fortified stock

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time: 90 minutes
servings: approx. 1 gallon


1 large rind trimmed off a hunk or parmigiano cheese or a few small rinds perhaps shaved up
1 herb bundle of several sprigs thyme, parsley, basil and oregano (she calls for it to be tied and well i couldn't find string cheese so i put all the herbs in and then used a strainer)
1 onion, quartered
2 ribs of celery
a handful of baby carrots
2 fresh bay leaves
rind of one lemon cut in chunks
4 cups chicken stock
12 cups water


put all of the above in a large pot and bring to a bubble, reduce heat to simmer and cook for about hour, remove from heat and strain all the veggies and herbs out.. i put it in a mason jar and used it over the next week or so whenever a recipe called for stock or broth..

might i recommend..

this is a fun site.. the person owns a used book store and posts recipes they find in books that have been donated.. i just love it and think you will too.. It's Hand Written Recipes..enjoy and if you cook anything from it send me a picture and them too.. Happy Friday!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

take my word for it wednesday.. (a day late..) san diego..

well we are back from our vacation in sunny san diego.. ohh my word did we have fun.. it was shell's 16th b-day so we took her and her boy friend patrick down to point loma and stayed at my parents condo.. jake and sam came a day later.. we had so much fun.. and boy did we eat.. but boy did we eat good!! we went to knott's berry farm.. the beach.. the swap meet... seaport village.. you name it we did it.. the following are a few of the restaurants we ate at.. and take my word for it they were yummy..

in first place..

Luigi's at the Beach.. found here..

we had the pete's spicy and sweet pizza.. which is pineapple, jalapenos, pepperoni and mozzarella.. talk about amazing.. some of the best pizza i've ever had.. they have 28 beers on tap.. 25 of which are locally brewed.. it's a wonderful place.. we really enjoyed our lunch here after a morning at the beach with ollie and company..

one night for dinner we ate at Volare Italian Restaurant.. (i can't seem to find their website...)

out of the way place in point loma.. surrounded by dirty book stores and strip joints.. but the food is awesome.. pete and jake both had veal parm.. and said it was the best they have ever had.. sam had clams in a garlic broth and said it was the best she had ever had.. i had spinach ravioli with a gorgonzola alfredo sauce.. talk about decadent and creamy.. simply delish.. shell had pasta and loved it.. patrick had veal picatta and said it was amazing and the best part our bill with tip ended up being 137.00..

after the swap meet we went down to ocean beach and had lunch at tower two cafe.. right on the water.. wonderful outdoor dining.. i had lobster tacos.. yumm. pete and sam had the fish and chips.. very good.. the atmosphere is so laid back and relaxing.. very nice place to have lunch..

one night we had dinner at seaport village.. shelled out over 300 bucks and it was alright.. you don't expect to say the food was alright when you've paid nearly 50.00 a person.. but hey the view was nice..

all in all a wonderful trip.. we laughed till we cried.. we ate till we cried (or slumped on the couch in a food coma).. ha.. it was a nearly perfect weekend.. :o) soo take my word for it.. go to san diego and eat.. alot!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

take my word for it wednesday..steak edition

i recently got a nice sized tri tip for sunday was on sale.. now anyone who knows me knows i am  a sucker for a sale.. actually i try not to buy anything thats not on sale.. i am not one of those extreme couponers, though i kinda wish i was.. so for sunday supper i grilled it and we had steak, steak fries and a salad.. then the next night we had a wonderful steak salad with fresh veggies and spicy smoky thousand island dressing.. then last night (i still had alot left over) pete  made himself a steak quesadilla which he declared a work of art.. whereas i took a couple of slices of meat put on a roll with my smokey spicy thousand island dressing and had a sandwich... now you have to take my word for it.. these recipes were awesome!! and i really wish i had taken a pic of salad it was very pretty!!  I was inspired by this recipe here for the steak.. but didn't follow it exactly..

grilled tri tip

prep time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 25 minutes
servings: approx. 4-6


3 lb. tri tip roast
1/2 cup olive oil

seasoning salt mixture:

2 tsp. black pepper
2 tsp. white pepper
2 tsp. onion powder
2 tbls. garlic powder
2 tbls. salt

combine all dry ingredients together.. slaher your roast in olive oil then rub seasoning salt on.. set aside for approx. 30 minutes at room temperature... cook over a medium heat on your grill. i cooked mine with the fat side down when it started to get crispy i flipped it over.. about 11-13 minutes per side..(we like ours medium rare (a little on the rare side) you can cook yours longer depending on how you like your like your steaks) remove from grill and let rest for 10-15 minutes so the juices redistribute.. cut against the grain and serve with steak fries and a salad..

steak chopped salad

prep time: 20 minutes
servings: approx. 2


1 head ice burg lettuce, chopped , divided in to 2 (since this was dinner i used more lettuce than i would for lunch)
4 thick slices of steak, chopped
1 can three bean salad, drained, divided in to 2
1 can garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed, divided in to 2
1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles, divided in to 2
1 tomato, chopped, divided in to 2
1/2 purple onion, chopped, divided in to 2

in 2 separate salad bowls combine ingredients and drizzle with smokey spicy thousand island dressing..

smokey spicy thousand island dressing

prep time: 10 minutes
servings: approx. 2


1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tbls. ketchup
2 tbls. relish
1 tbls. finely chopped onion
2 tsp. liquid smoke
2 tsp. smokey paprika
2 tsp. chipolte chile powder
2 tsp. ancho chile powder

combine all ingredients, cover and refrigerate before serving.


2 flour tortilla's
2 thick slices of steak sliced into strips
pico de gullo (recipe found here)
1/2 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese (or any kind of cheese you like, pepper jack.. monteray jack.. etc..)
1/4 cup pickled jalapenos
hot sauce (we love pico pica)
sour cream
butter or pam

sprinkle 1/2 the cheese on the bottom tortilla, lay steak, pico, jalapenos and the remaining cheese.. top with other tortilla.. spray a medium sized frying pan with pam and cook quesadilla like you would a grilled cheese flipping once.. when it starts to brown and get slightly crispy.. remove from pan to a plate.. using a pizza cutter into triangle wedges.. serve with hot sauce and sour cream..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pico de gullo

so when I ordered my bountfiul basket the other day i also ordered their mexican basket.. everything is always so fresh.. the veggies are very crips.. i quickly made up this pico and my kids ate it immediately.. i made 2 kinds one with out much heat and one super hot.. it actually burned my mouth.. but it was so good.. i served it with with a talipia tacos.. yumm..

prep time: 20 minutes


3 tomatillos, peeled and diced
2 large red tomatoes, diced
1 purple onion, diced
1 bunch cilanro, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 jalapeno pepper, diced (leave the seeds in for more heat)
1 pablano pepper, diced
1 small red pepper, diced
(really any kind of pepper you like.. and the level of heat your looking for..)
zest of 1 lime
juice of 1 lime
splash of olive oil
salt to taste

combine everything above and chill before serving.. goes great with chips but also wonderful on fish, chicken, eggs, burgers, tacos.. just about anything..