take my word for it wednesday..fall is a commen..

ok it might not feel like it and especially here in vegas where it's over a 100 degrees today.. yes over a 100 i know crazy but you can tell fall is coming.. wanna know how i know? ha i will tell you.. albertsons' had their roasted green chili weekend.. when you buy a 32 lb. burlap sack they roast them for you.. now this year our neighbor went for us and stood in line for 5 hours.. DID YOU HEAR ME 5 hours!! sorry charlie i would have have left but they stuck it out and we got our bag of chilies.. i broke my sack down into 25 quart size zip lock bags..when i get my burlap sack i start to get a warm fuzzy feeling inside .. because i know cooler weather is on it's way.. sweatshirts and jeans weather hooray.. now don't get me wrong i love my summers in vegas we are a lake family and spend every weekend we can out there but i also love my autumn weather too.. sit out back by the fire pit kinda nights..chili in the crock pot.. and of course cooking with my roasted green chilies.. so keep an eye out.. there will be plenty of recipes posted using my chilies.. the possibilities are endless.. there is pork chili verde.. green chili sour cream enchiladas...salsa...they can go in just about anything.. omelets,  quesadilla, baked potatoes..even mashed.. i can't wait and i hope you can't either and you get to  enjoy the recipes that are posted over the next several months..


  1. That is A LOT of chilis!!

    And I am SOOOOOO ready for fall!!

  2. Me too Kristan.. this will be the last weekend at the lake then I want to put on a sweat shirt but I know Vegas won't be ready for that for a month.. and yes I can't wait to cook all my chilis he he :)

  3. Ohhhh those chilies look yummmmmy!! I am missing Cali right now. Gotta hook up some Mexican food SOON!
    BTW I love the new blog design I am sooooo jealous ;)


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