pico de gullo

so when I ordered my bountfiul basket the other day i also ordered their mexican basket.. everything is always so fresh.. the veggies are very crips.. i quickly made up this pico and my kids ate it immediately.. i made 2 kinds one with out much heat and one super hot.. it actually burned my mouth.. but it was so good.. i served it with with a talipia tacos.. yumm..

prep time: 20 minutes


3 tomatillos, peeled and diced
2 large red tomatoes, diced
1 purple onion, diced
1 bunch cilanro, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 jalapeno pepper, diced (leave the seeds in for more heat)
1 pablano pepper, diced
1 small red pepper, diced
(really any kind of pepper you like.. and the level of heat your looking for..)
zest of 1 lime
juice of 1 lime
splash of olive oil
salt to taste

combine everything above and chill before serving.. goes great with chips but also wonderful on fish, chicken, eggs, burgers, tacos.. just about anything..


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