big beef friday!! beer braised then grilled kissed beef ribs and short ribs

since we have moved into our house 12 years ago, every year right after the first we take on a winter/spring project.. we have since moving in painted the house inside and out, added slabs of concrete to extend our patio and add a front porch area, changed all the windows, doors, flooring, baseboard, door knobs, light switches, complete all new kitchen and even a new roof.. the project or shall i say projects this time around were to remove the flooring {gawd awful carpet} from our master bedroom and shell's old room {sniff sniff since she moved out} and replace it with tile... the new extra bedroom got the same tile we have running through out the house but the master got a new tile we found, it looks like cherry wood flooring.. it's awesome... we moved our antique "full" bedroom furniture {yes we've been sleeping on a full bed for 25 years.. crazy huh} to the now named "guest" bedroom, added a chandelier for the lights, threw up some nice drapes and viola shell's crazy purple and black room is now a cute little bed and breakfasty type room.. for our bedroom we got a king bed.. it's huge ha.. i actually have to kinda climb in it it's very tall.. but it's gorgeous and i love it, the room is still in the process of being put back together but so far so good.. one of the other projects we completed was the wall under our kitchen bar.. it was painted and always dirty.. either from kids knees {ever get a new pair of indigo jeans and your legs and everything the jeans touch turned blue?? yeah well that happened more times then i can think on this poor wall} kick marks and who else knows what the kids did to this poor wall.. so for years i wanted to cover it.. i had in my mind what i wanted but couldn't find it.. i wanted some kind of brick look but bricks were to thick.. and then we found thinner ones but they were to rough.. then we found this thin faux sheet and it was to cheezy.. then we were walking through the tile isle at lowes looking for grout for our bedroom and we found tile that looked like laid brick.. it was awesome so we got it and it looks fabulous.. then the BIG project is our backyard.. i, with total trepidation gave jake my grill.. *sigh* it was hard but i got an outdoor kitchen.. *yippee skipee* i've wanted one for years and it's so pretty.. i can't wait to share with you the final result when it's all done.. we've decided to add a built in fire pit and brick/paver type seating area off the outdoor kitchen.. so you can say we've been busy since january 1..but all good things.. {pictures of renovations to come}
we've had gorgeous weather in my hometown and since i have this new amazing outdoor kitchen why not use it.. so the first thing pete wanted to cook on it was beef ribs.. i am like huh.. he said i want beef ribs.. so i made beer braised beef ribs and short ribs and they turned out amazing.. {i have used the words gorgeous, amazing and awesome way to much in the post.. i think i should invest in a thesaurus.. he he} anyway they were pretty darn good.. fall off the bone tender.. slightly charred..sweet and tangy.. in a word scrumdillicious...

i slow cooked them in the oven then just kissed them with the grill to get a slight char on them..
i had left over short ribs so i made bbq short rib pizza.. holy cow was it good.. i really really really wanted an outdoor pizza oven {and some day might still get} but it was such a extravagant expense that didn't seem practical so i got a bbq bull pizza stone that has it's own temperature gage and is the size of the grill grate and it so far has worked out great.. it gets to be about 700 degrees and cooks a pizza in 4 or so minutes.. love love..

beer braised then grilled kissed beef ribs and short ribs

prep time: 20 minutes
cooking time: 28 hours {i let my ribs sit over night}
servings: 8-10


5 lbs. beef short ribs, trimmed of excess fat and cut into individual ribs
5 lbs. beef back ribs, membrane removed and i cut them to where they were almost individual but still connected
bone suck'in rub {i got it for christmas i usually make my own but this was very good too}
2 bottles of wheat beer {i used blue moon}
sweet n spicy bbq sauce {i love sweet baby rays and until i make one i like better i guess i will keep using it.. he he}


rub your ribs generously with the rub and place in ziplock bags and put in the fridge over night.. when ready to cook preheat oven to 250 (f).. put them on a broiler type pan {you don't want them cooking in the liquid you want them over the liquid so they basically steamed in the beer} pour the bottles of beer in the container you have the ribs over .. cover with foil and slow cook for 2-3 hours.. {you want them tender but not so they are falling apart, they won't cook on the grill very well that way he he} remove ribs from dish and place on a lined cookie sheet.. slather with your bbq sauce on your ribs and cook on your medium grill 10-14 minutes per side.. making sure to brush more sauce on when you turn them over.. they are already basically cooked your just slightly charring them and caramelizing the bbq sauce.. remove from grill and serve with cheesy scalloped potatoes .. yum yum delish!!!

enjoy and get cook'n!!


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