take my word for it wednesday... these orange sherbert mimosas are a must this summer!!

it's wednesday again and i am going to ask you to take my word it.. take my word that these are outrageously delicious.. {and excuse the photos i took them inside and well didn't think to take any when i was outside.. doh.. *eyeroll*}  ooohhheeemmmggeeee people! this is so simple but ohh so yummy!! this past saturday we had planned to take our boat out and put on the water and dock it for the summer.. i say planned because that's not what happened.. i got up early went to the store and got chicken to make chicken salad, i got cheese tortellini, salami, pepperoni, pepperoncini's, olives and balsamic vinaigrette to make a pasta salad.. i got pineapple, grapes and cherries to have a summer fruit salad.. i got orange sherbert and champagne for a morning mimosa!! i got home from the store and made all the food and pete decided he didn't want to put the boat on the water because he wasn't finished cleaning and waxing it and it was to hot to do it then.. really?? *sigh*

sooo we all end up sitting in the garage trying to decide what to do..

sam and i decided we've got the sherbert and we have the champagne.. let's have our mimosas anyway!! and ohh my garsh are they good!!! towards the end when the sherbert is mostly melted.. yummy!! and oh soo refreshing.. 

these would be perfect for a brunch wedding shower.. and if you do make them for a baby shower {or for kids} just offer a non alcoholic version!!
these are soo getting made again this summer..
sheesh it was 109 on saturday and expected to be 112 today.. that's fricken HOT people!!! but with a cool summery drink it makes it a little more bearable!!

orange sherbert mimosa


sherbert {any flavor will do}
champagne {you don't have to go crazy and get real expensive champagne since the fruitiness of the sherbert takes over} *if making the pg version use lemon lime soda like sprite or 7-up*


put 2 scoops of sherbert into your glass, fill with champage or soda and enjoy!!!!! and in case you were wondering mimosa naps are awesome!!

enjoy and get drink'n!! ha ha *wink* 


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