tipsy tuesday.. it's getting dark and stormy.. {ginger beer, rum and lime juice}

we had family and friends over friday night when they got to town.. we decided to shake things up a bit and try this new drink.. it's crisp, fresh and ohh soo good!! if your looking for something a little different i suggest giving this a try..

dark and stormy

prep time: 5 minutes
servings: 1


crushed ice
1/4 of a lime
2 oz. rum
10 oz. ginger beer (angry orchards apple/ginger beer is delish!}
lime wedge for ganish


fill a chilled copper mug, mason jar or glass mug with ice.. squeeze lime wedge over ice.. drop the wedge in the mug.. pour rum in the mug then add ginger beer.. stir and add lime wedge and voila! soo yummy and refreshing!

enjoy and get drink'n! {responsibly that is}


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