grilled sweet and spicy mustard pork chops

 i feel like a bad boyfriend these days and all i am doing is apologizing for not paying attention to you guys or not being around enough.. sorry :(* but that will end soon.. it's been crazy busy here at work and pete and i have a few fun things in the works.. once they are set in stone i will share them with you.. but if all goes well and as planned look for more cold weather yummy meals and diy refurbishing posts this winter.. so without jinxing it just keep your fingers crossed for us!!
also what kept me away we went on our annual doheney camping trip and this year it blossomed to about 17 people at one point i was feeding at the campsite.. i'll share those recipes this wednesday.. in the meantime i am sharing a wonderful dish inspired by our friend lo!! thanks tina and lo!! :)

tina and lo one day were telling about a tri tip they had grilled.  they slathered it with mustard then added a dry rub then at the end of grilling it added some spicy garlic jam i had gotten lo for his bday from schepf's farm in queens creek, arizona.. well i wasn't making tri trip that night and i didn't get myself any of the garlic jam so i improvised with pork chops.. and let me tell you it came out ahhhmaaaaaaaaaaaazing!! this might be one of my favorite ways to grill pork chops!!

the hot peach pepper preserves is amazing but if you can't find something similar mixing peach preserves with hot pepper jelly will do the trick!!

grilled sweet an spicy mustard pork chops

prep time: 2-3 hours
cooking time: 15 minutes
servings: 4


4 (1.5 inch) pork chops
bbq rub {recipe below}
2 tblsp. mustard {i used a habanero mustard that was delish i've also used regular or even dijon before..}
hot peach pepper preserves {if you don't have it just combine peach preserves with hot pepper jelly to taste}


slather your chops in mustard and add dry rub all over and place in the fridge for 2-3 hours before grilling .. then when ready remove chops from fridge and bring to room temperature.. while your doing that pre heat your grill to medium-high heat..  grill the chops 5-7 minutes each side.. after a minute or so of grilling brush them with the spicy preserves.. continue to grill 6 or so minutes.. your looking for an internal temperature of 140-145.. remove chops from grill and allow to rest for about 5 minutes before serving..

bbq rub:

1 tblsp.. chili powder {i used a garlic chili powder if you don't have that use 1/2 tblsp. chili powder and 1/2 tblsp. garlic powder}
2 tsp. cumin
2 tsp. onion powder
2 tsp. cayenne
1 tblsp. smokey paprika
2 tsp. pepper
2 tsp. salt


combine all ingredients in a small bowl.. keep in an airtight container until use and any left overs keep in the container.  super yummy.

enjoy and get cook'n!!


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