make over monday! our little cottage in the woods..

happy happy 2015!! i hope everyone's holiday was magical and filled with family and friends.. we've been busy in the gullo household and below is a little bit of what we've been doing.. we bought a "weekend/retirement" home recently in a  small town called williams, arizona, population 3000 {now 3002} ha ha . it is the gateway to the grand canyon.. cutest little town ever.. we bought on the outskirts in the "woods".. we absolutely love it.. it's so cute.. we are about 26 miles from the grand canyon..
 now the first several photos are of what the house looked before we bought it.. this was from the first time we saw it and if you can believe despite all the clutter i absolutely loved it.. her decorating ideas and taste differ from mine and i haven't figured out why there were so many mirrors everywhere but oh well.. i wanted you to see the changes we've made.. so get comfy and let's jump right in.. comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. are welcomed..   

this is the living room by the front door.. see those mirrors stacked there behind the dresser? mirrors where all over the house..

the other corner of the living room.. again mirrors..

there is the front door and again a mirror ha.. 

cute little kitchen..

when they moved out they took all the fixtures and window covers, they weren't supposed to but did..

this is the extra room.. there was sooo much stuff.. 

the bathroom was filled with stuff and hardly an inch of wall space was vacant..

this is the master bedroom!!

a better view of the living room from the front door angle..

let me tell you for the house only being 900 sq. feet they utilized every inch of space.. 

moving in day..

we brought up this table and chairs that i painted with the chalk paint.. we sit on over an acre and the back patio is awesome.. i love it and our view is breathtaking..

our first snow fall.. 

the empty living room.. this is the wall they had their couch on..

we thought we'd keep the yellow paint until we saw what a horrible job they did and all the holes.. when they painted they didn't cover anything up painted right over fixtures, the smoke detector, etc.. we've got a lot of painting to do.. as you can see they took the fixtures and window covers. they even took the fridge and a garage we had out back.. augh what a nightmare the day we tried to move in.. luckily it all worked out..

this is the corner of the master bedroom.. i was almost sad to put up sheers over the windows because the view of our first sunset was amazing..

this is the extra bedroom.. looks a lot different without all that stuff, huh?

i just love this kitchen..

ok so we are starting to put our stamp on the house.. we picked up this chair from pete's brother.. i ordered a cover and it's way toooooo big but that's ok..  we starting painting the walls with kilz and will paint with a light buttercream yellow.. we picked up that coffee table for 20 bucks.. sanded it down stained and painted it, the end tables i got for 5.00 and stained them and i think i am going to add some paint to them this one color just isn't for me.. 

we got this amazing marble table from pete's dad.. it was in the tropicana hotel in the 60's, unfortunately once we got all the dish paraphernalia  on it it just wont' work as a tv stand.. but never fear it's going somewhere in the house.. the ladder we used to hold the cabinet doors while drying..  

so we've begun changing the kitchen.. we painted the upper cabinets in a pure white and the walls a lemon yellow.. the bottom cabinets are going to painted a rich navy blue.. i want to get an industrial looking light for over the sink.

the bathroom was scary!! we are going to do a wainscoting with beadboard on the bottom half of the walls and a light yellow or white on the top.. pete removed the cabinets doors and built new ones with beadbaord,.. {i'll show you those hopefully next week} 

we picked up a dresser off a yard sale face book page and converted it into a console.  i am going to make a faux back to cover the holes and wires that was bugging me all weekend.. ha ha {the house is in total disarray and the walls are every color in the rainbow but seeing those holes and wires is what bugged me.. yeah pete thinks i am weird too} 

this is the master bedroom!! i picked the chair up for a buck.. i don't like it's color and will re paint it.. the vanity i got from sam's sister.. the "dresser" in the corner is actually a metal chest of drawers that came out of the hospital in boulder city in the 60's.. it's awesome!!!!!

the little night stand i picked up at savers for a few bucks and painted it..i bought a headboard at a yard sale for 10 bucks and brought it home and painted it, i love love it.. unfortunately it's a king and our bed is a queen so jake and sam got a new headboard.. and pete got a raised panel door which we will paint and convert into a headboard.. {that's my project for this week so hopefully i can share with you soon}we are going to paint these walls either a white or very light yellow..

we've started the re do on the bathroom.. yeah that color of yellow on the walls didn't cut the mustard.. ha ha get it..because well it looks like mustard.. ha :) we are going  with a very light yellow or white..

here is the extra bedroom.. its kinda beachy, coastal inspired.. i thought you could get the best of both worlds in this room.. beachy casual fun while in the beautiful snowy mountains.. the headboard for this room is going to be old shutters we are going to upcycle into a headboard.. stay tuned for that.. the end table was one pete's sister had outside to donate.. we rescued it and painted it and i just love it.. it's one heavy little thing!!

i just love the light in the kitchen..

one of my favorite refurbished pieces is the kitchen table.. it's an antique thresser table we got from a used furniture store.. i stained the top and painted the legs.. i love love it.. now for the chairs *insert sad face here*.. i picked them at a vintage store in boulder for 5 bucks each.. i painted the fabric on one of them with annie sloan pure white and the legs with annie sloan blue.. it turned out great.. then i got side tracked and left it outside while it was drying and we had an unexpected down pour.. i couldn't save it well at least not without some help.. so i ordered chair covers and they are working out great.. {for now} i don't like the blue legs with the chair covers so i will change that very soon too!! 

 well there you have it.. so far.. it needs a lot and we are looking forward to all the projects it holds.. we still need a couch and some other key pieces of furniture but we don't want to rush and buy something that doesn't work up for now every weekend it will get a little change. a little sprucing up.. a little love.. then when the weather warms up the property will get an overhaul.. ohh the possibilities are endless!! i might finally get that pizza oven i've been dying for..
thanks for stopping by.. check back tomorrow i'll be back to posting recipes!!
enjoy and get cook'n!!!


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