45 by 45

while cruising blogs one day i came across this young lady's blog and fell in love with her post of Thirty Things to Make While I'm Thirty and i decided well since i am going to be 45 in october if i start april 1 i will have 18 months to accomplish 45 by 45.. so for the next 2 weeks i will be posting things i've always wanted to make or want to remake because when i made them i didn't do so well.. i know it's a little crazy to start this when on a diet but hey i have 18 months to complete it right?? and they don't have to be made/baked in any particular order just all 45 by october 12, 2012.. the day i turn 46.. ackk

1. chicken fried steak.. now my grandma makes the best chicken fried steak in the world and i will try her recipe again (i tried it 25 years ago and it was such a disaster i haven't tried again)... accomplished...

2.  home made frosted sugar cookies like i am baker does.. (attempted but not accomplished i am not talented enough)

3.  make polish sausage

4.  make a bundt cake (accomplished here)

5.  make a quiche (accomplished)

6.  make bread pudding (accomplished)

7.  make tandoori chicken (this is an option Bobby Flay's Chicken tandoori) (accomplished)

8.  make home made flour tortillas (accomplished)

9.  cook with bison (accomplished i made my pasty recipe with it)

10.  cook with duck

11.  make liver and onions

12.  make cream of mushroom soup

13.  make seafood bisque

14.  lamb ragu (accomplished on march 20, 2011 recipe here )

15.  make my own pasta (shell accomplished this for me ha)

16.  make a monte cristo sandwich (accomplished)

17.  make a croque monsieur sandwich (accomplished)

18.  make a croque madame sandwich (i must be in a sandwich mood today) (accomplished)

19.  make perogies (accomplished)

20.  make a tart (accomplished)

21.  make a torte

22.  make fried calamari

23.  make chicken scarpiello

24.  make leg of lamb (accomplished)

25.  make short ribs (accomplished on march 22, 2011)

25.  make hamhocks and beans

25.  make korean short rib tacos (i was inspired by this page Korean Short-Rib Tacos and here) (accomplished)

25.  make sweet potato hash (accomplished)

26. use my rotisserie (accomplished)

27.  chicken chasseur (hunter stew) (this was accomplished)

28.  chicken and waffles (accomplished)

29.  steamed clams

30. cook with goat (not my idea this is pete's uggg)

31.  cook a whole pig (again not my idea its petes he wants to have a luau for jake's 21'st b day.. but seeing it cooked here really makes me think no.. ackk kalua pig)

32.  cook with veal

33.  make spicy potato pankcakes (accomplished here)

34.  make tamales

35.  make home made focaccia

36.  cook more ethnic foods from regions i am unfamiliar with.. persian food.. korean..indian..ethopian..african.. etc.. (accomplished)

37.  perfect my grandma's frosting recipe i just can't get it like she made it.. (accomplished)

38.  to poach an egg.. (i know can you believe i have never done this) (accomplished here)

39.  make bubbles and squeek..

40.  make gazpacho

41. make a low country boil (accomplished)

42. make eggs benedict (accomplished here)

43. make pickles (accomplished here)

44. ravioli (accomplished)

any suggestions of things i can make or if you have recipes for the above please email me .. thanks!!

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