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I have had a love for cooking since I was young.. well ok at first it wasn't a love it was my "chore." but love came later.. When I turned 16 my Mother started me reading recipes on Sunday and then picking 2 or 3 from her cook books or magazines and then preparing a grocery list from the recipe (which today I am lost if I don't have my detailed list for my trip to the store) from my list I would then clip coupons and I would head off to the grocery store.. As an incentive (I always need incentives and money works wonders *smile*) I was allowed to keep any money I saved from the coupons and she would then pay me per meal I made. I had to cook at least 2 a week but if wanted more money I would cook more, the prices ranged from $5.00 for simple meals such as tacos and refried beans (no canned in my house) or $15.00 for something like Chicken Cacciatore (because it takes so much longer but is so much worth it). So when I got married and got a house of my own I was able to conquer the grocery store and cooking delicious meals. um thanks Mom?

i started this blog as a record of the recipes that I made.. after making some wonderful meal the family loved i noticed weeks or months later the kids or pete would ask can you make such and such again and for the life of me couldn't remember how i made it where i got the recipe what was in it.. old age is a b*tch.. so this has helped tremendously with my memory of recipes and with being able to share them with family friends..

i love love love to read.. i can on the weekends read a book a day.. (can't do that during the week i work) i like all kinds of books.. even the cute catering or cooking mystery books those i can go through 2 a day.. thank gawd for my tablet.. books on demand yay!!.. i love cook books and read them like novels.. pete thinks i am nuts.. but oh well its not the only thing he thinks i am crazy about.. ha

in the summer you can find my family at the lake! every weekend.. we live in a small town outside vegas.. its the gateway to the hoover dam and about 5 minutes from lake mead.. once it starts to get to cool for the lake you will find us camping and duning.. food just tastes better cooked outside and enjoyed under the stars, don't ya think?

i am glad you stopped by and i hope you find something useful :)

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