there are certain things i always keep on hand for those busy nights when sometimes things don't go as planned and i don't make the dinner i had been planning or i screw it up or i get home super late because of traffic so i need to toss something together quickly.. i typically shop every sunday for the week, i plan my meals for each day and i usually try to plan meals that use some of the same ingredients...

top cabinet of my pantry is mostly baking items.. now i don't bake alot, except at christmas when i become a baking fool.. but i like to have items on hand for the "in case" and yes i had it happen once when jake says oh by the way mom we are having a bake sale for student counsel (he was school president his senior year) my reply ohh really when? umm tomorrow and i need 3 dozen cookies.. yes it was 9:00 at night!!

ap flour
whole wheat flour
baking powder
baking soda
sugar (regular, brown and powdered)
vanilla extract
flavored extracts
cocoa powder
bakers chocolate (sweetened and unsweetened)
chocolate chips (i keep these in the freezer)
various nuts (i keep these in the freezer too)
dipping chocolate (in the freezer)
boxed cake mixes (mixed variety i buy a few when they go on sale)
soy flour
almond flour
flax seed meal

natural peanut butter and low fat (i love pb so i usually have a few)
whole grain cereal
canola oil
ketchup (reduced sugar and regular)
granola bars
nutragrain bars
all kinds of canned tomatoes, crushed, whole, diced, tomato paste, rotel
chicken, beef and vegetable broth
beans (black, pinto, garbonzo, kidney..)
green chilis
chipolte in adobo
water chestnuts
various veggies
rice, jasmine, brown and white
dried pastas
various jellies
assorted olives (not sure why but i have a ton ha)
jalapenos and pepperoncinis
marinated veggies (italian and mexican)
olive oil
evaporated milk
sweetened condensed milk
bread crumbs (both herbed and plain)
jarred salsa
bbq sauce

I think that's pretty much it as I think of more I will add :) or as our tastes change..

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