take my word for it wednesday..

its that time again, take my word for it wednesday.. as a recap-this is a weekly feature where I post recipes, tips or tricks and more than likely won’t have a photo to go with it.. unfortunately (or fortunately if you really get right down to it, with today's economy complaining about having a job would be nuts) i work full time and live about 35 or so miles from where i work so i don’t get home until a little bit before 6 (depending on traffic) and on tuesday and thursday’s i have an appt. with a trainer so on those nights i don’t get home until 7:00.. and by the time i prep dinner and get it made.. well there is no time for pictures.. but i do try on the other days and on weekends to take photos of the food/goodies I cook to share with you but sometimes it doesn’t pan out L like last thursday our air went out and didn’t get fixed until monday evening..so my plan of cooking all day on sunday and taking photos got shot to hell, literally my house was as hot as haitis.. it was cooler at 95 degrees outside than in the house and the thought of turning on the stove augh.. no beuno.. so instead we took a drive with friends to arizona had a nice day and we want to go back next sunday and take the boat and float down the river… so anyway.. on to the "take my word for it" recipe.. and please take my word for it this was really good.. and a total oopsie recipe… by the time we got home last night, shell was not in the mood to wait for me to cook,even though I had planned on making this recipe here.., the kid was hungry and didn't want to wait.. she wanted a grilled shrimp salad.. easy enough.. take a head of romaine lettuce, rough chop it.. take your grill pan heat over medium high 1 turn around the pan with olive oil.. add 2 cloves minced fresh garlic (shell loves garlic) cook for about 2 minutes just to get fragrant.. add your chopped lettuce stir and cook for about 5 minutes.. in the mean time take a cup of raw, peeled, deviened and tail off shrimp and give them a quick rinse.. then pat dry you don’t want soggy lettuce.. your lettuce now should get crispy and “charred” so to speak.. toss in the shrimp and cook another 5 minutes or until shrimp is pink and no longer grey.. salt and pepper.. and your done no dressing needed.. yummy.. now for me.. I had basically a bag of shrimp left.. well what I did was screw up and it tasted wonderful ha ha i was talking on the phone not paying attention trying to clean the kitchen and neglected my shrimp and it ended up turning out great.. so here is the recipe for cracked black pepper crispy shrimp..

course black pepper crispy shrimp

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time:  15 minutes
servings: approx. 2
1 lb. raw, peeled, deviened and tail off shrimp, rinsed and patted dry
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
cracked black pepper
salt to taste
olive oil
Heat a grill pan over medium high, add 2 turns around the pan of olive oil.. add garlic and cook until fragrant.. (don’t overcook it) add your shrimp and move them around.. keep moving them around for about 2 minutes.. add salt.. move around again for about a minute. Add cracked black pepper.. now what happened to me was i had my pepper grinder in my hand (which by the way if you don’t have one get  one... some recipes just need fresh cracked black pepper) and mine is set to grind the pepper pretty course.. so i usually add about 1 to 2 cranks , but yesterday i was talking on the phone and not paying attention and added like 5.. wow that’s a lot of pepper… luckily i like pepper. I turned the pan down to medium low.. and i tossed the shrimp around a little, now the shrimp was basically done here but I went and grabbed a load of laundry..so like another 5 minutes.. when i came back the shrimp was like crispy, it’s like the pepper, garlic and oil made a coating around it.. it was fantastic.. I totally forgot what my initial intentions where.. which was to make some linguine, heat up some of my tina tomatoes, (recipe for those coming soon), toss it all together make a side salad and have a lovely little meal.. but nooooo I took a fork and ate the silly shrimp right out of pan, at least doing something productive like finishing the dishes, but still.. it was ahhhmmaaazing.. I will make it again, this time as a full meal.. and take photo’s and everything.. you have to try it! So take my word it you will love it!!


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