thirsty thursday.. spicy bloody mary with bacon

now i am not going to lie.. tina and i like our bloody marys!! we especially love them floating on the boat while the boys fish.. or maybe while sitting by a fire on a chilly morning while camping in the dunes... orrrrrrrr while having brunch when we aren't doing any of those other 2 things.. yep yep tina and i like our bloody marys!! and they were very much enjoyed while camping at the beach this year as well..

there is a place in boulder.. a small little place.. it's been featured on diners drive ins and dives.. ohh and sam works there.. they have the most scrumptious bloody marys.. they put a slice or two of bacon in them.. that just sends it right over the top.. it's called the coffee cup or as my sis in law, carey calls it.. cup o'coffee.. if your ever in boulder check them out..and i totally recommend the bloody mary..

usually i put a slice of lime in mine but for reasons unbeknownst to me, it didn't make it on the rim of the glass for the photo.. oops.. one time we went out on the boat and i was making the blood marys.. i remembered everything.. the mix, the vodka, the olives, the limes, the plastic cups, the stir sticks and even the bacon.. but guess what i forgot.. a knife to the cut the lime and i hadn't pre sliced them (which i learned that trip is the way to go) pete offered his fishing knife which i politely declined.. thinking i got this i will peel it and give us each a wedge that way.. umm hello have you ever tried to peel a lime?? it's not easy.. at all.. like darn near impossible.. who'da thunk it.. luckily i was resourceful and i bite into it.. desperate times call for desperate measures people!!

spicy bloody mary with bacon

prep time: 15 minutes (if your bacon is already cooked if not you will need to cook your bacon)
servings: 6

6-12 sliced of thick cut bacon, cooked slightly crispy (easiest way to cook bacon is here... )
2 3/4 cup tomato juice
1/3 cup olive brine (the juice from a jar of olives)
1 tblsp. worcestershire sauce
2 tsp. prepared horseradish
1/2 tsp. celery salt
salt and pepper
juice from a lemon and also a lime
6 dashes of tobasco
6 dashes of sriracha
1 1/2 cups very well chilled vodka *we keep ours in the freezer* (there is bacon vodka.. seriously.. bacon vodka i didn't use it but wow)


lime wedges
olives (different kinds)
celery stick
blood mary rim salt (recipe below)

combine everything but vodka and garnish in a large pitcher until well combined.. add ice.. toss in a few lime wedges and celery stalks.. take your glass swirl a lime wedge over the rim, then dip into the salt rim mixture.. fill your glasses with ice and a shot or two *wink* of vodka.. garnish with bacon slices, celery, olives and a lime wedge (which i forgot)..other garnishments that would be good would be shrimp or maybe a pepper.. be creative.. and always remember to drink responsibly..

bloody mary rim salt:

1 tblsp. celery salt
1 tblsp. old bay seasoning
1/2 tblsp. garlic powder
1 tblsp. smokey hot paprika
1 tsp. cayenne
salt and pepper

combine everything in a shallow bowl that your glass rim will fit into. what doesn't get used put into an airtight container until next time and remember..

enjoy and get cook'n (or in this case get drink'n)!! 


  1. Wow, you had me at bacon. I'm from Canada so we enjoy Caesars here - similar but instead of tomato juice we use Clamato (I know the clam juice scares people but seriously it's awesome - not as thick as a Bloody Mary). Anyways I have never thought of putting bacon in it. Some restaurants fancy Caesars up with spicy green bean garnish but I'm going to have to try bacon and green olives.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I actually love clamato I put it in my beer sometimes for a "Red Beer" but never thought to use it in a Blood Mary! and yes the bacon tastes really good when you eat after it's been soaking in the bloody mary! :)

  3. It's really an informative and well described post regarding bloody Mary with bacon.I actually love clamato I put it in my beer sometimes for a "Red Beer" but never thought to use it in a Blood Mary! I appreciate your topic for blogging. Thanks for sharing such a useful post. Beer Baseball Cap


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