take my word for wednesday..you must try this pasta w/ spicy chicken sausage

you know those recipes that spark a memory.. that when you eat them you just feel good.. well this one did just that.. i was cruising pinterest the other day and saw this recipe here.. and upon gazing at it's cheesy wonderfulness.. i realized i had to make it.. forget what was already the menu.. this dish needed to be made.. it's the adult version of mac 'n cheese with hot dogs.. which by the way i loved as a kid.. i first saw that recipe in a kid friendly cookbook my mom had and when i was allowed to pick the meal i loved to have mac 'n cheese with hot dogs.. i tried making it for my kids and while jake thought it was delish shell turned her nose up at it and declared it blah.. but who could blame her it was boxed mac 'n cheese and plain old hot dogs.. now this dish has pizazz.. and i knew if i made it she would have to like it.. well i hoped she would.. i actually thought oh lord i am going to have to make her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead.. but much to my surprise she liked it.. she loved it ..in fact she requested it for lunch the next day.. score one for mom.. it's so simple yet satisfying i will be making this again.. i basically combined my velvetta pasghetti and the recipe i found on pinterest.. it was like a match made in heaven.. creamy cheesy spicy heaven that is..

pasta with spicy chicken sausage
prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 45 minutes
serving: 4


1 package of penna pasta, cooked according to package directions
1 block of velvetta cheese, sliced up or chunked up 
1 can of rotel tomatoes
2 packages of spicy chicken sausage, i used habanero with monetary jack cheese, sliced  into disks
salt and pepper

pre heat your oven to 350 degrees (f).. slice up your chicken sausage into rounds.. cook sausage in a medium non stick saute pan over medium heat until cooked and lightly caramelized.. remove from stove.. in the meantime while the sausage is cooking start your your pasta and cook according to package, drain and put in a casserole dish that's been sprayed with pam.. add your tomatoes, cheese and chicken sausage.. combine everything.. cover and bake in a 350 degree (f) oven for 30 minutes.. remove cover and stir to make sure all the creamy gooey cheese is over everything.. bake another 10-15 minutes uncovered.. remove from oven add salt and pepper and dig in..
enjoy and get cook'n!!


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