take my word for it wednesday.. cuban style grilled cheese sandwich

today is wednesday and i ask you to take my word for it.. usually because the picture doesn't do the dish justice.. which is the case today.. this sandwich was amazing.. not like any other.. ohh so good.. i made cuban pork on sunday.. i followed my recipe here.. with a few changes.. i changed the cooking time and temp.. i will share the new version with you next week.. but let me tell you it was amazing and we couldn't wait to have cuban sandwiches the next day.. i have made them before and followed a more traditional recipe, that post here.. but this time i jazzed them up.. made them a little different... i used sour dough.. instead of thin sliced dill i used "wickles" which by definition on the jar means wicked pickles.. they were so spicy.. soo good.. i didn't have swiss so i used pepper jack and horseradish white cheddar.. they really were good.. sadly the pictures are blah.. it's getting dark so early.. and i live 30+ miles form where i work so when i leave at 5 and get home at 5:45 and then cook it's not until 6:30 and it's pitch black.. so sorry they don't do the sandwich justice.. your going to have to take my word for it.. they are yummy.

cuban grilled cheese sandwich

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 7-10 minutes
servings: 4


8 slices of sour dough bread
8 slices of thin sliced honey cured deli ham
8 thin slices of cuban style pork roast
8 slices of pepper jack
6 tblsp.+ of softened butter

pre heat a non stick skillet of medium/medium low heat.. melt a little butter in the pan.. assemble your sandwiches.. mustard, cheese, ham, pickles, pork roast, cheese and the top slice of bread.. butter the top slice of bread and butter side down add to your pan.. cover and grill until lightly browned.. the side facing up now needs some butter so spread a layer of butter on it before you flip it.. once flipped cover cook another few minutes until lightly browned on that side and cheese is getting melty.. repeat with your remaining sandwiches.. slice and serve with an ice cold beer..

enjoy and get cook'n!!


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