take my word for it wednesday.. the flu bites!!

thank you all your emails asking if i was ok.. yes i am.. *smile* i got that horrible flu and it knocked me out for several days, of course it was on days i couldn't be down i had tons of christmas baking to do.. i will feature several of those recipes tomorrow so you can at least enjoy them before the holidays.. and to top it all off the tragic events of friday, december 14, 2012 sidelined me as well.  i was so sad that posting about my upcoming trip or all my holiday cheer and baking seemed silly in the wake of such loss.. i just needed some time to recoup and relax.. and while i am not 100% i do feel a lot better than yesterday and i am hoping tomorrow i will feel a lot better than today.. since i don't have a recipe to share, actually i do i have several waiting in queue to be posted but i am still not in a very festive foodie mood.. but i will be tomorrow i promise so check.. i thought today i would share our recent yardsale finds.. i had posted a few months ago we go yard saling all the time but pete will never buy anything.. well he recently changed all that and started buying stuff..

pete picked up 5 of these chairs at a yardsale for 30 bucks and he is going to refinish them to go with the table..

this was part of the 30 bucks above but doesn't go with the others so we have in the corner of the entry way..

we got the above birdhouse for 5.00 the lady who sold it to us said her nephew made it out of their old barn door..

we picked up the wagon from the same place as the chairs and was included in the 30 bucks.. the bottles and milk jug pete's dad gave me from his shed..

pete got the mastercard sign for 10.00

pete wanted the  ford cub cap and i wanted the box below which was holding all the cub caps and the lady said if i wanted the box i had to take all the cub caps in it.. ha ha so i got the box and all that was inside it for 5.00

the box if from an old victrolia company paulus bros. i was so excited to get it..
i will see you tomorrow with a recipe and remember
enjoy and get yard sale'n!!


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