a week in the kaotic kitchen

it's been a little more kaotic around the kitchen these days than normal...  lot's of fun, exciting changes happening.. first my son jake and his girl friend sam bought the house next door to us.. kind crazy right?? well it was one of those meant to be type things.. halloween night our neighbor comes by and tells pete, who was outside giving candy away and scaring kids.., that she was getting another job and would be moving.. so pete asked how much, details, etc.  jake and sam stop by and pete tells jake about it.. i was getting my hair done and jake called me and asked what i thought.. what did i think?? I THOUGHT IT WAS FABULOUS!! so that monday sam had an appt. with the local credit union.. by tuesday they were approved by wednesday a purchase and sale agreement signed.. by friday escrow opened.. 21 days later they took possession... for the last month they have been working on it and making it their own.. it's darling.. i absolutely love it and so do they.. i've mentioned before and had pictures of frankie their albino boxer.. well they thought new home need a new dog.. they got a brindle boxer pup they named coors.. who by the way could melt any grinches heart he is so fricken cute.. so we are loving our new neighbors.. then there is the girl child, shelby.. she announced her and karlee, her bff since 1st grade, were moving out.. they decided this last monday. they found a condo, not to far from our house on tuesday, signed a lease on thursday and moved in on friday.. it's such a cute condo and the girls have given it their own personal flaire.. i love it.. so i quickly became an empty nester.. so far so good.. shell has been home more than when she lived there and we get to see jake, sam, and the doggies whenever we want.. win win.. but all this kaos has made for little or no cooking or when i do it's late and no pictures.. i promise after the holidays i will get back into the swing of things.. so today i will share with you some things we've had lately.. between christmas shopping, baking, moving, cleaning out, etc.. it's been hard to make big meals.. so i opted for some of my more easy, simple, 30 minutes or less kinda dinners..


we had pete's mom's 80th b day party last friday.. and since most of the kids were going to be around we headed over to the santa train ride in boulder city and took a ride..

happy birthday granny!!

cousins, cousins and cousins..

shell, ollie, jake and amelia..

we had a wonderful time!!

happy holidays and remember
enjoy and get cook'n!! 


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