take two tuesday!! chili con queso

yesterday i shared with you pop's chili.. and it was so good.. so rich.. and hearty that while i was making it i thought it would go great in a dip..sadly to say i had velvetta on hand.. i know i know.. it's not "real" dairy but "hanging head in shame" i like it.. there i said it.. I LIKE VELVETTA.. now don't be judgy... *smile* it's not all the time i eat it.. but in some things i like the creamy taste of velvetta.. so yes this recipe calls for velvetta but when i make it next i will make my own and then compare.. but don't be surprised if i say velvetta wins.. but you never  know.. stay tuned..

chili con-queso dip

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 5-8 minutes


1 lb. {16 oz.} box of velvetta cheese, cut into cubes
1 {10 oz.} can of rotel medium tomatoes, not drained
1.5 cups prepared chili {you can use a can of chili or left over pop's chili like i did}


add all ingredients in a medium microwavable serving bowl.. zap for about 3 minutes remove from microwave and stir then add back to microwave and cook another 3-4 minutes or until completely melted and well combined.. remove from oven stir again and serve hot.. i served mine with tortilla chips but it's awesome with fries, crackers, fritos and much much more..
enjoy and get cook'n!!


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