tip trick tuesday.. fourth of july diy projects..

i can not believe we are already into july.. where has this year gone?? we are gearing up for our 4th of july bbq!! i will post more pictures after the party and maybe it will give you some ideas for your next bbq!! but today is about a few projects i did last weekend to spruce up the event.. uncle jimmy got this pallet from work and was going to throw it away.. i asked for it with this project in mind and come sunday morning it was in front of my house.. i was soo excited..

i initially was going to use chalk paint on this and pete pointed out that it wasn't really needed so i used basic white, blue and red paint samples from lowes.. they come in little jars and usually run about 3 bucks!

the stars proved to be a little more difficult than initially anticipated.. i first painted the blue part white and got star stickers and planned on painting over them with blue then peeling them off and having perfect white starts.. well ummm yeah that didn't work.. they didn't want to stick and they kept falling off.. so i said screw it and painted it all blue then i tried to trace a star cookie cutter i had.. which did not work either and basically made a mess.. i once again painted over the blue with another coat of blue and got a star stencil and did it that way and it turned out peachy keen..

i have it set up in my front entry way to greet my guests.. {yeah we had our front porch poured and it was awesome then we got a leak under the concrete and they had to fix it so i know have a big square which hate :( need to come up with something to cover it}

janet's mom and dad gave me the benches and table this weekend.. i am so in love with them i can't wait to paint them!! i got the patriotic pillow, fabric and wooden trays at a yard sale on saturday for 10 bucks.. i love love love them!!

now to make some luminaries for night.. i took a pickle jar and mason jar.. painted them both white.. let dry, then wrapped the mason jar with frog tape and added star stickers to the pickle jar.. i then painted them their respective colors.. let try and peeled off the stickers and tape.. 

the red bled a little so using a small brush i touched up the white..

 i then scuffed them a little with a sanding block..
the third jar didn't turn out like i wanted.. i put the stickers on first then painted with white and then blue and it proved to be more difficult getting them off.. no matter it will be night and dark and no one will notice ha :)
ohh i have another project in the works which i will show you some of it now so you get the idea..

i bought these cabinet doors from savers for 3 for 2.99 they were a aqua blue..
i painted them white, then one the outer panel i left one white, painted one with blue and the other with red..  
i will paint the inside panel with black chalk board paint and write U on one, S on another, and A on the last one with a white chalk pen.. i will then display them on plate stands on the eating table..
happy fourth of july and remember to
enjoy and get diy'ing!!


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