tip trick tuesday.. revamp and update our old bathroom ~reveal~

we've lived in our house for 12 years and ever since we moved in i've wanted to redo the bathroom.. but i waited until the kids moved out.. and pretty much a few months after shell moved out pete came home and found me painting the cabinets.. i initially wanted new cabinetry, new bathtub, etc. the works.. then we priced it and well there was a lot of other things i would rather spend the money on.. we were able to do this room for a 1/4 of what all "new" stuff would have cost!!
it had a dingy off white counter top..
white particle board cabinets that had seen better days!!
i removed the cabinet doors.. and decided on a paint color.. blue struck my fancy!!
i painted each cabinet one coat of the chalk paint blue..
i then took paris gray chalk paint mixed it with a little water and did a coat over the blue..
i put it on fairly thick..
but then  after a minute i took a damp paper towel and wiped it down before the gray was totally dry..
i then added another coat of blue.. sanded the edges for a distressed look and then a coating of the annie sloan clear wax..
i then did the drawers and base.. i noticed i hadn't done the sides of the drawers last weekend and painted those too so when you pull out the drawer the side is now blue :)
i decided i didn't want a medicine cabinet anymore..

pete removed it and our initial intention was to dry wall over it.. but then i started kinda liking the idea of a cubby..

i have always hated that light!!

ever since we moved in the mirror was messed up..

so we removed the mirror..

talk about yucky!! blah.. we ended up having a contractor come and texture the wall and paint the bathroom. he also moved the light i hated from the wall to the ceiling so i could have a pendant light!!
now time for the counter top to be updated!! it had horrible stains on it from gawd only knows what.. so we had to remove the faucet.. steel wool the entire counter and slightly sand it all. we used giani granite countertop paint..
blah yuck!!
the faucet broke when we removed it :(

we put the black primer on the counter.. pete got a little messy.. :( you have to let that dry for 24 hours..

after the primer we sponged on the pearl white and let it dry for about an hour..

then sponged on a beige color.. and waited another hour and
then sponged the "white diamond" for the last color .. allowed it all to dry for another 24 hours.. {all colors and directions are provided in the box.. it's a great product i can't recommend it enough}
then added a coat of clear..
we bought these peel and stick tiles.. they were so easy.. they are mesh backed so pete was able to cut them into thirds and use them as a back splash!!!

i initially wanted to find an old mirror and paint it but i couldn't find one so we bought the one above at lowes.. if i find the perfect mirror at a yard sale i will buy and then use this one somewhere else.. but for now i love it..

we replaced the faucet.. 

pete built the replacement for the medicine cabinet.. we used bead board for the back and wanted to use chicken wire but he found something a little different at lowes and used that.. it's got one shelf {post on how we made it coming up soon}

pete and i made the shadow boxes.. i used old frames from savers and pete built a box and we attached the frames to the front.. {post on how we made the shadow boxes coming soon} i picked up the little mirror at savers for a few dollars and painted it blue. i got the tray on the back of the toilet at savers for 2.00 and then i picked up the beach glass on top of it at a yard sale for a few bucks..

the light proved to be a bugger of a problem.  when pete first told the contractor to move it from the wall to the ceiling he said to center it over the sink.. and he shouldn't have.. it's very close to the wall and i was limited in the size of pendant light i could get.. i first wanted a chandelier but it was to big.. then i ordered a pendant light made out of shells and it matched the mirror perfect but it didn't put out enough light.. then pete stopped and got 2 more lights which i hated ha.. so i then went and got this one.. it's not finished it's actually a chandelier and has hanging crystals.. but it got installed saturday at 4:00 just a few hours before the party was about to begin and i didn't have time to finish the light. i will and will update the post with a new picture..

basically i love my new bathroom.. a new shower curtain.. a good scrub on the bathtub.. some new towels and viola.. i just noticed a knob came off one of the drawers.. it must have happened at the party.. i'll fix that ha :)
enjoy and get diy'n!!



  1. I really like how your bathroom turned out. I think it helped that you changed the color of the walls, because it looks wider than it actually is. And your faux granite countertop blends well with the blue cabinets. Good job!

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions

  2. Thank you Fred :) we enjoyed doing it

  3. I wish more authors of this type of content would take the time you did to research and write so well. I am very impressed with your vision and insight. patrick mackaronis


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