take my word for it wednesday.. pete's 50th birthday party was a smashing success

good morning and today is take my word for it wednesday!! and today you must take my word for it this party was awesome!! we got to see old friends.. a lot of family and everyone had a good time! now it was 10 months in the making and took a lot of hard work {only because we decided to re do the bathroom, that post here.., convert an old bed/junk room into a craft/work out room and add bar stools to the back yard kitchen area, that post here.., convert shell's old room into a guest room, that post here.. and add a fire pit to the backyard, that post here..}  we actually did some other things, like re doing our bedroom and master bath, which i will share with you later.. pete and i like goals.. if we know we have to get things done by a certain date we are better at it..now pete was installing the light fixture in the bathroom at 4:00 and the party started at 6:00 but at least it got installed... initially pete was going to "pit" or slow smoke an entire pig but luckily for me that became to encumber some and we opted for apple infused slow smoke pork butts, which turned out ahhmmaaaaazzing!! some of the best smoke pork ive ever had, pete cooked it the day before for 14 hours.. the next day we shredded it and added bbq sauce and served it in a crock pot with another waiting in the wings to replace when it was empty.. i also served baked beans in a crock pot and crock pot mac 'n cheese.. i had little chalk board signs designating what each crock pot held for the ease of the guests.. i also served different kinds of rolls for sandwiches, caesar salad, cole slaw and fresh cut up fruit.. we ended up having over 50 people and much to my horror ran out of mac 'n cheese, salad, cole slaw and fruit.  i actually had more in the house i could have made more of each but when i offered that or to bring out the s'more bar i got all yeahs for the dessert bar instead.. so despite a few hiccups it was a wonderful party and we feel so blessed and happy to have such amazing family and friends.. thank you all!!
i got a picture from savers {the post on how i made this will be next week}, painted the glass with chalk paint and then made the sign.. it was presented on an easel for the party and was by the front door.. 
i designated the front entry way the smoking area..
i spruced up the front entry way by painting wooden outdoor furniture i was given and the little blue table i got at savers for 5.00.. { the post on these refurbishing projects along with the transformation of the front entry way will be posted soon}
the backyard was looking spiffy!!
pete converted an old chevy tailgate into a serving bar.. {the post on that transformation coming soon}
i strung old pictures of pete along one of the serving tables..
i made 3 or 4 bbq sauces and offered a variety of hot sauces for the guests..
we offered a full bar along with sangria {that recipe tomorrow}, arnold palmer, soft drinks, water and beer..
lots of different choices for your drink of pleasure..
i took an old picture.. {it had an anne geddes little girl photo in the frame} from savers for 5.00 and painted the glass with chalk board paint, distressed the frame and used martha stewart chalk stencil for displaying the menu..
i served appetizers and munchies on the bar of the outdoor kitchen..
rare picture of jake smiling and he said only because poppi was sitting by him :)

uncle paul, aunt carey and one of pete's oldest friends.. 

the dogs joined the party after mostly everyone left..

the fire keeping aunt carey, sam and frankie nice and toasty..

i {heart} these kids..next big party.. their rehearsal dinner..
{not the greatest photo i had to steal it off shell's fb..} but i love those smiling faces..

jake had this sign made for pete.. what's funny is he had it made at pete's work and he never knew about it!! good job jake..

to wrap up the evening we had a s'more bar..

i got several different jars from savers and the dollar store.. i offered basically any and every kind of chocolate out there.. different kinds of marshmallows and a variety of grahams.. i got disposable long s'more skewers so everyone could have their own.. i also had irish cream on hand for those that wanted to soak their marshmallow in it..

all in all a wonderful party!!

jake and josh.. my boys!! {double heart}
happy 50th birthday pete!!!
enjoy and get party'n!!


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