Mothers Day!! (posted a day late and a dollar short)

so we had a wonderful Mothers day and I hope you did too.. we started the morning off at the las vegas country club.. one.. of my favorite places in the world.. and we had a lovely brunch.. sadly jake could not attend he had to work but he did come over later that evening for dinner.. pete had an absess tooth (the side of his face was all swolen) so we had to cut our brunch a little early.. but the food was wonderful..

(here is shell trying to make me laugh.. btw it worked)

(shell hated my hat)

(shell, poppi and bob)

(ollie and poppi)

(curtis and shell.. don't you love her hair clip?)

(happy mother's day bob)

(janet, curtis and ollie)

now for my dinner sunday night petebought thick ribeyes.. i salt and peppered them and grilled them on medium-high for about 6-7 minutes each side.. right before i flipped them i slathered them with sweet baby rays bbq sauce.. on both sides.. for our sides i took about 2 cups of sliced mushrooms, tablespoon of butter and two swirls around the pan of olive oil in a saute pan.. cooked the mushrooms until brown and tender and then again i put sweet baby ray bbq sauce in..yummy.. and then cooked another 10 minutes or so.. i made baked potatoes.. nice big russet potatoes.. scrubed them then i slathered them with olive oil and wrapped tin foil around them.. cooked them for 40 minutes in a 400 degree (f) oven.. i added butter, sour cream and you guessed it sweet baby rays bbq sauce.. the meal was devine!!


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