shell and her art..

now shell loves to be creative.. she draws and makes things.. the walls in her room are a testament to her creative side.. well the other day i brought these little white keds from walmart.. came home they said size 6.. well they were a huge size 6 so i gave them to shell who wears an 8 and they fit perfectly.. but shell being shell could not have just plain white shoes.. so she pulled out the tie dye stuff (which we have tons because she loves to tie dye shirts and what ever she can get her hands on..) which brings me to my next post.. its not a recipe.. but shell being creative.. one thing shell is when she is creative is messy.. really messy..

(this is the right shoe.. she made the left one different)

(see the left one.. she said they can't be the exact same so why try)

(see her creative genius at work..)

(i told her i bought the table cloth when i was pregnant with her she said well its old now so it can be trashed..)

love this kid and her creativeness..


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