i'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkk

hello out there in blog land.. i've been gone and i apologize but summer around the gullo house is crazy.. between the lake, vacations, graduations, family bbq's.. you get the idea.. so i am back and will be posting again on a regular basis.. check back later this week the blog is getting a make over.. yay!!! so excited and thanks to all the talented people at april showers design..check them out here.. also starting next week i will be doing a new feature every wednesday.. called "take my word for it wednesday".. as i am sure you can all guess there just sometimes isn't time some days to take a picture of the finished plate.. or the kids are are to dang hungry to wait for me to take a picture but the recipe was so yummy i want to share it with you.. so i will be sharing recipes on wednesday that i wasn't able to take a picture of or the picture didn't do the meal justice and i don't want to post.. haha.. eventually i will hopefully post a picture with the recipe as an update... i know everyone wants to see what it will look like.. because i am that way a picture sometimes says a 1000 words and a picture of a recipe alot of times can determine whether or not i want to make it... so thats where the take my word for it comes in.. you have to trust me and just take my word for it.. *smile* starting in the fall i will be doing "under cover" where I will attempt to re-create a recipe on the cover of a magazine... i woud love your input on that so send me a picture of the magazine cover and the recipe or better yet you make the recipe and take a picture and we will share it here.. also i will be updating my 45 by 45 the next few weeks also...so sneak a peak at that as well..i hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer so far.. i have tons of pictures and events to share with you that i will post over the next week once i get them uploaded.. glad to be back y'all.. and check back often for the new features..


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