take my word for it wednesday..

you can definately take my word for it. grandmommy was an amazing women and cook..

Arabelle Osler Brown
Born: October 25, 1917
Died: July 23, 2011

she was the type of grandmommy everyone wishes for.. always a plate of some scrumptious homemade treat for you when you stopped by (even if she didn't know you were coming..).. always fun things to do as a child when we would stay the night.. would go out of her way to make sure we had a wonderful time.. (which is why i always wanted to stay over..) her love of recipes and cooking were my inspiration.. things she could do with jello.. ha. must have been a mid west thing.. she made jello for practically every meal.. and it always had something in it.. whether it was grapes, fruit cocktail to the unusual like celery.. and she had been known to top it off with miracle whip.. ha.. when us kids would stay the night you would awake to a fresh glass of "tang" and toast with grape jelly and if that wasn't enough then whatever you wanted she would make you.. pancakes with corn syrup come to mind.. he he *smile* she was a painter and craftier.. would make us kids things all the time.. i still have my little bedroom set she made me using a tissue box for the bed, 1/2 a tissue box for the vanity (which she made a little mirror for) and the vanity stool was a toiler paper roll cut in half and she made a puffy seat. she even made custom bedding for the bed with an upholstered head board.. i played with that for hours.. she even made home made stationery out of leaves and flower pedals we found out back.. (i will post pictures of both later when i get home and pull them out :) my dad started going over to her house for lunch once a week when he passed the bar in 1968..when i was 17 and worked downtown too i started going over.. in 1992 when my brother got a job downtown he began going over as well.. then over the years my mom, aunt and uncle all moved their business downtown and we would all go over.. my cousins would go over as well when their schedule permitted ..our lunches were wonderful, the time and attention she spent making our meals special were amazing.. the conversations always started off with how was every ones week going, then what was new and current in the news then it always ended up going towards sports.. my grandparents were avid (another word for fanatical) sports enthusiasts.. didn't matter, baseball, football, basketball, tennis or golf.. she would spend hours watching them and take notes during them so when the conversation would veer towards the most recent sporting event she had accurate information and stats to discuss.. and she loved her local sport heroes Greg Maddux and Andre Agassi.. after she passed we found boxes of clippings about them and sports memorabilia she collected.. to say it will be weird not having her there when we go over.. (my grandpa is still hanging in there) is an understatement.. my grandparents were married 76 years this past june.. they were always together and bonded for life (and death).. she will be missed and i can honestly say never forgotten.. RIP Granmommy! I love you..  so my grandma used to make for my dad and me the best simplest dessert.. pistachio pudding with chocolate chips..

1 box pistachio pudding
1 cup mini chocolate chips
cool whip
fancy parfait glasses or glass icecream glasses.

she would make the pistachio pudding according to package directions.. about a 1/2 an hour before it was set up she would add a cup of mini chocolate chips stir until incorporated.. then once it was set up and chilled she would spoon in a fancy dish and add a dollop of cool whip and sprinkle with extra chips.. if she was feeling adventurous she would layer it. yummy.. take my word for it you won't be disappointed..


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