{45 by 45} take my word for it wednesday.. liver and onions is a crowd pleaser.. well maybe not crowd but definately a hubby pleaser..


i've talked before about shell having a sophisticated palate at a young age.. there was the time at the local pizza joint when she cried because they didn't have oysters rockefeller.. or the time she had a tummy ache and my mom aka bob asked her what would make her feel better and she replied with "lobster" i want lobster so we took her out for lobster.. and then there was the time right after we moved to boulder city and we went out to dinner at one my all time favorite restaurants, evan's old towne grille.. and shelby ordered liver and onions.. the chef and owner, evan came out to meet her he said he had to meet the 8 year old that ordered liver and onions.. and she loved it!!! now not so much.. i couldn't even get her to try it the other night.. i myself am not a huge fan.. i had a brownie bite and tried it and said "if i liked liver this would be good.." which totally doesn't make sense when people say that but it's true.. ha now i actually made it for pete, he loves liver and onions and orders it at evans all the time.. so i thought i would be a nice wifey and make him something he really enjoys and guess what! he loved it.. said it was fantastic!! i scored some extra points with this dish.. so if you like liver or even if you don't try it.. be adventurous!! you might be surprised!!

liver and onions

prep time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 45 minutes
servings: 4


1 1/2 pounds sliced calves liver
salt and pepper
2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. cayenne
4 tblsp. butter, divided {or bacon fat}
2 large onion, thinly sliced
olive oil


in a heavy saute pan{i used my iron skillet} melt 2 tblsp. of the butter and 2 twirls around the pan of olive oil and add the sliced onions... saute over medium heat for about half an hour or until golden brown and caramlized... when the onions are nearly done, remove from pan with a slotted spoon to a plate and set aside.. ok now you have to touch the liver.. it's pretty harmless but not so appealing.. i cut the liver into strips with my kitchen shears.. salt and peppered the strips.. now add 2 more tblsp. of butter to your iron skillet and heat up your pan on medium high, add liver and sprinkle with garlic powder and cayenne.. then saute the slices quickly .. make sure to watch the liver.. you do not want to over cook it.. cook for about 4-5 minutes.. you want them brown but still pink in the center.. now add the onions back to the pan and toss everything together cook for another 2 to 3 minutes you want to make sure your onions are done and hot.. remove from and serve hot over mashed taters.. pete said make sure to get the wonderful brown bits and lovely yummy bits from the bottom of the pan.. {ok he didn't say lovely i added that.. }

enjoy and get cook'n!!


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