take my word for it wednesday.. these pizza sliders are super easy and yummy..

these little guys came about from having certain things in the fridge that were going to go "bad" and needed to be used before their expiration date.. i had a few slices of pepperoni left after making these pepperoni and egg breakfast burritos, i had some canned biscuits left over from making lemon monkey bread, some mozzarella left over from a pizza i recently made which was something like this garlickly asparagus pizza.. and last but not least some jarred pasta sauce i had from i can't remember why.. so i had them in the fridge and they were all going to go bad within a few days or not enough to do anything else with, and the end result were these fun little sliders.. these would be fun to have your kids help make.. they each get to make their own individual sliders..

 now had i thought it through and planned them for a meal or appetizer i would probably use fresh pizza dough and change up the toppings.. but since i didn't and hadn't this is what we had and you know what.. it was good.. like really good!! they were fast.. easy and very good.. i only had the butter biscuits and i would probably not use them again, however shell loved them that way.. so who knows.. :) try them they are easy and you can add basically any topping.. there really isn't any recipe i will tell you how i made it :) i will be making them again with fun toppings.. but for now enjoy this one..

pizza sliders

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 12-15 minutes
servings: 8 mini pizzas


1 can pillsbury grand biscuits
jarred pasta sauce
mozzarella cheese
pepperoni, cut into fourths


heat oven to 350 degrees {f} line a baking sheet with foil and take each biscuit and kinda flatten it down with the palm of your hand.. take a spoon full of pasta sauce and spread over the flattened biscuit top with a little mozzarella and pepperoni.. repeat with the remaining biscuits until finshed.. bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown and cheese is bubbly... then funny story.. i had told pete i was going to make kentucky hot browns {recipe tomorrow} and then i casually said maybe i'll put an egg on it.. so pete walked in and saw these little pizza sliders on the counter and said can i have these for breakfast.. i figured why not i will bump the kentucky hot browns to lunch... so i plate him up a few of the sliders and he says where is my egg.. i was like huh? he said you said you were going to put an egg on them.. i was like huh.. then it hit me.. i said noo i was going to put an egg on another type sandwich.. so he looked at me and said well i want an egg on these.. so that's what he got and he loved it..

enjoy and get cook'n!!


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