take my word for it wednesday.. new york city was amazing!!

i have been absent far to long!! but i have an excuse.. i was preparing for, in and recuperating from my trip to new york!! for shell's graduation present my mom took shell and i to ny for a week, and let me tell you it was amazing.. we had so much fun!!

we stayed at the roger smith which was spacious and comfortable.. shell and i stayed in our own junior suite and my mom stayed 5 floors away in hers.. {she planned that way} he he 

it was a warm one they were experiencing a heat wave and the weather was 92 with 90% humidity.. but that didn't slow us down.. {well not much}

we took a 72 hour hop on hop off tour and got to see everything.. we got vip passes so no waiting in line for us.. which was awesome i highly recommend it!

the buildings are amazing..

i absolutely love the architecture in ny..

i so want to live in ny :)

this was originally built as a hospital and the reason there are so many turrets is that they believed at the time if there were no sharp corners they could cut down on a bacteria building up..

 we "hopped off" across the street from the apollo in harlem and low and behold was a clothing store and yes shell got clothes ha ha cute ones!!
we visited the metropolitan museum of art.. which i truly loved!!

ok some of the pictures scared shell..

ok most of the pictures done during the revolutionary period scared shell

the softer, subtler pictures where more my speed...

i absolutely love this monet i could sit for hours and stare at it.. if i lived in ny i believe i would go to the museum once a week.. 
we "hopped off" at 5th avenue and bob wanted to have tea at the plaza.. however shell did not and she won out and we had lunch {twice, because it turned out to be so good} at the food hall in the basement of the plaza.. i had lobster mac and cheese one day and the next day a fig and prosciutto flat bread. both were wonderful...
we gazed upon one of the many ponds in central park..

we went to the top of the empire state building.. wow it's high!!

the view was breathtaking!!

we took the ferry to the statue of liberty..

a wonderful view of the new world trade center..

soaking it all in..

the train depot at ellis island..

the most beautiful woman in the world!!

time square was fun!!

the signs just amazed me!! i loved it!

shell looking too cute.. happy graduation kid..

happy she let me tag along..

the night before we left we found a little bakery right by the hotel and each got a cupcake.. it might be the best cupcake i have ever had..
all in all our trip was so much fun.. we had such a good time and so many great memories!!!


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