throwback thursday!! the best cuban pork sandwich ever....

this is going to be a new segment called throwback Thursday, i will post recipes from the archives... give some of the new readers a chance to see older recipes or maybe remind a few folks of recipes they wanted to try or might have missed.. so today's recipe is a cuban pork sandwich.. this is bar far one of the best sandwiches i have ever made.. i am  throwing in a second recipes at the bottom of spicy pickles veggies that i have become obsessed with.. i put them on everything.. tacos, burritos, salads and yes even sandwiches.. they are spicy, sour, crisp.. in a word delish and can definitely add a depth of flavor to even your favorite dish.. go on try it. i dare ya.. heck i'll even double dog dare ya.

you start off slow roasting a pork shoulder and after a few hours it looks like this..

after a few more hours it looks like this.. and you have to restrain yourself from cutting off a slice or 20 to taste.. i really really mean it.. this is the best sandwich i have ever had..

cuban pork sandwich

prep time: 12-24 hours {there is marinading involved}
cooking time: 4-5 hours
servings: 6-8

6-8 ciabatta rolls {or other hearty bread with texture}
garlic mayo {recipe below}
roast pork, sliced {recipe below}
caramelized onions {recipe below}
spicy pickled veggies {recipe below}
6-8 slices of alpine lace swiss cheese {or any cheese you prefer}

caramelized onions:

2 large onions, sliced
salt and pepper
olive oil

roast pork marinade:
3 cups orange juice
2 tsblp. olive oil
the juice and zest of 1 lime
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 tsp. oregano
salt and pepper
1 oz. rum
3-4 lb. pork shoulder, bone in

garlic mayo:
6-8 cloves of roasted garlic {i used my easy garlic confit technique}
2 tblsp. garlic olive oil {again i used the garlic oil from the garlic confit}
1 cup mayo
zest and juice of 1 lime
1/2 tblsp. dill pickle relish {i didn't have any so i took 3 "snack em" dill pickles and chopped them up}

for the pork: combine the marinade for the pork in a medium mixing bowl until well incorporated.. take a zip lock bag and put your pork in it and then pour your marinade over it and seal the bag.. kinda squish it around to make sure the entire pork is covered.. put in the fridge for a min. of 3 hours but ideally about 24 hours.. when your done marinading remove pork from bag and reserve the marinade.. heat your oven to 250 degrees {f}.. take a large heavy bottom skillet and heat two twirls around the pan of olive oil over medium high heat.. sear the pork on both sides until nice and brown.. remove from pan and put in a baking dish.. reserve your pan you just seared the pork in.. don't wash it out just set a side your going to cook your onions in it.. now take your reserved marinade and pour over your pork.. cover with foil and cook for an hour.. after an hour baste and put back in for another hour.. basting this time like every 20 minutes.. then cook covered for another hour and baste again every 20 or so minutes.. {you've now cooked it for 3 hours} remove cover, crank heat up to 375 and cook another hour this time basting every 10 minutes.. you want your meat at an internal temperature of 170 {remove around 160-165 it will continue to cook once removed from oven}check after about 30-40 minutes you might already be at your ideal temperature.. remove from oven when done allow to sit for about 10 minutes before slicing..

roasted garlic mayonnaise: mash 6-8 roasted garlic cloves.. and chop.. add garlic mash/chop/paste to your mayo, add garlic olive oil, lime juice and pickle relish, whisk until well combined.. cover tightly and keep in fridge until ready to use.
caramelized onions: on the last 1/2 hour your pork is cooking make the onions.. in the pan you had set aside heat up the oil {there should be oil and fat left over from searing the pork, if not add a twirl around the pan with olive oil} over medium heat.. when the oil is hot add your onions and salt and pepper.. cook for 15-20 minutes.. stirring to prevent burning.. after about 30 minutes they should brown and caramelized and yummy goodness..

making the best sandwich ever:  slice your ciabatta in half, now you don't have to have to toast it but i like my bread kinda toasted.. so i sliced them in half, drizzled olive oil then put in a 425 degee {f} oven for about 7 minutes, just until it was crisp and lightly browned.. {you can also spread your mayo on it and toast it with the mayo instead of the drizzle of olive oil}.. remove from oven and spread each side with the mayo.. layer the pork, onions, pickled veggies then a slice of cheese.. top with the remaining bun....  and enjoy the best sandwich ever..

i can not tell a lie.. this is the best sandwich..

spicy pickled veggies


3 or 4 radish, sliced
a big handful of carrots chips
1/2 cup diced daikon radish
2-3 jalapeños, sliced into rings
1 anaheim pepper, sliced into rings
big handful of chopped cilantro
1 cup of white wine vinegar
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
2 tblsp. agave {or sugar or splenda}

cut up veggies into what ever shape you like... i used my mandolin to slice up the red radishes, the carrots came already sliced up and the daikon i diced up.. in a small mixing bowl whisk vinegars, salt and agave until combined.. and your veggies to a large mason jar and pour the liquid over them and put your hand in the jar and kinda squish everything down... store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks... the first day every couple of hours i shook up the jar and got the ingredients to mix and mingle..
enjoy and get cook'n!!


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