bacon, lettuce, and double tomato sandwich

i love blts.. they are one of my favorite sandwiches.. i usually like a no frill blt.. on squishy white bread, 2 slices of bacon, 2 tomatoes, mayo and lettuce.. *sigh* heavenly.. but like i have said before every now again you have to jazz things up.. and this sandwich is jazzed.. it's a little spicy, a little sweet, tangy.. creamy, crispy.. every taste sensation basically in one bite.. well worth the effort to make..

bacon, lettuce and double tomato sandwich

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time: 45 minutes
servings: 2 sandwiches


6 slices of center cut bacon {my bacon was large i was able to break them in half so each sandwich got 6 slices} cooked crisp {best way to cook bacon is in the oven the easy way..}
deconstructed tomato bruschetta slices
spicy tomato jam
shredded ice berg lettuce


cook your bacon and tomato bruschetta.. once cooked and cooled slice and lightly toast your rolls then spread spicy tomato jam on the bottom and top with lettuce, then tomato bruschetta and finally bacon.. spread mayo on the inside of the top and cover sandwich..  this is one of the best sandwiches i have ever had.. it was tangy, sweet, spicy.. the bacon is cooked to perfection.. so simple yet so flavorful.. please try it..
enjoy and get cook'n!!


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