tip trick tuesday.. refurbished yard sale chairs..

we did quite well a few weeks ago yard saling.. i was able to pick up the above chair for 10 bucks.. i love it.. i especially love it in my craft/work out room..

i painted the chair in annie sloan chalk paint old white...

i did 2 coats of the old white.. 

it's a drexel heritage chair so it's pretty sturdy..

at first pete was very skeptical about painting the cushion.. so i took him into a great store called bloom in boulder city that sales the annie sloan products so he could see the painted furniture and see that you can in fact paint fabric..

i painted the cushion in ascp graphite.. 3 coats with 1 coat of the clear wax at the end... then i used a clean cotton cloth and "buffed it" until it was smooth..
this is after 2 coats of the graphite..


this is after 3 coats of the graphite and 1 coat of the clear wax for the cushion and 2 coats of the old white on the chair and a coat of clear wax then dark wax on the chair itself..

here is a tip and i might go back and "fix" my chair not sure because i am kinda really loving it.. the chair and desk where painted with the same product and same application for the old white part but the dark wax on the desk had been in the fridge and was much harder so less was used but the dark wax on the chair had been sitting in the garage over night and was "looser" so more was used.. now if i decide i think the chair has to much dark wax i can always just go over it again with the clear wax and it will lighten it up.. just now sure i want to yet.. the room is coming along nicely.. it's not done i still need some things for the walls, plug and switch covers,  a tv.. etc.. but so far i am liking it..

next yard sale score were these bar stools.. there are 5 of  stools and we drove past a yard sale and i yelled stop they have bar stools.. so i got out first and then got back in the truck and said noo i didn't like the cushion they were 100 for 5.. blah blah.. then we drove away.. i said oh wait maybe you could take the cushion off and we could just use whatever the base is.. so we went back.. i inspected them and decided no that would be to much trouble.. we then left again.. about 20 minutes later i couldn't get them out of my head so we went back again.. and pete got out this time and declared them well built and sturdy and replacing the seat would not be a problem so he tried to "dicker" the owner down but they were pretty firm on the 100.00 for all 5 seeing as how they paid 300+ a piece {how crazy is that} so we handed over our money and went to lowes and bought wood and the stools were done the next day.. 

pete took the cushion off one and removed the fabric and stuffing and used it as a template..

we got a nice size piece of wood and pete measured out the seats with his template..

then using his skill saw he cut out the pieces..

he then sanded the edges with a belt belt sander..
talk about a mess after all that sheesh the garage was full of saw dust!!
i tested them out on the stool.. perfect fit..

this is the product i used to "stain" the bar stool seats.. it's also from bloom and it's amazing it dries like you wouldn't believe so fast.. now over the years pete has made us several pieces of furniture, which he stained the "old fashion" way.. and he was very very impressed with this product.. i screwed up though i didn't use the java color i used antique walnut, oops sorry.. i also only used the flat top coat and not the satin..

pete suggested i do the edges first then the bottom.. allow it to dry then stain the top and that way the top is not face down with the stain on it allowing anything else to try.. i did 2 coats of the gel stain and 3 coats of the flat top coat since they would be outside.. 

i am going to paint the wrought iron but we are having a labor day party so i will have to do it after that bbq but before the next big party which is pete's 50th b day..  

the back yard is kind of crazy right now since we are gearing up for this weekend's party.. see the brick wall and what the arrow is pointing to? well that is an old truck tailgate we got.. pete made hinges and used old chain and mounted it to the wall and then with the chain you can lower it and it becomes a bar.. {i'll post how pete did that soon}

i am loving them wood seats and so glad we decided to go back and get the bar stools.. 

love love them!!
enjoy and get yard sal'in and diy'in!!


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