makeover monday-- diy door headbord and another sneak peek at my kaotic kottage!!

good monday morning!! we've been doing some upgrades again to our kottage in the woods.. i really wanted a repurposed or old antique door to turn into a headboard.. i found some at vintage recycle stores but they were like 100 bucks.. so pete went to home depot bought unfinished interior door and well the rest is history as they would say.. i totally love love how it turned out and it was so easy!!!
it was already white so i did a thin layer of annie sloan pure white chalk paint over the front of the door..

i then decided i wanted an accent color on the door to give it dimension.. so i painted the raised panels with annie sloan chalk paint in the color called arles..

i then hit it with a coat of the clear wax and could have finished here and i would have been totally ok.. but... i can't leave well enough alone ha 

i  sanded certain spots to give it the distressed look then gave it a very thin coat of the dark wax and steel wooled it then polished it with a dry lint free cotton rag..

i do i do love it!!!!!


a few people inquired about the chest of drawers in my bedroom.. i bought it at a yardsale and it's from the old boulder city hospital.. it's probably from the 40's .. it's metal and just has such character...

this is my kaotic kottage!! ha ha as you see it gets pretty crazy around here.. but at the end of the day it all gets put away and becomes a kozy little kottage..

the kitchen is coming along nicely.. i need to paint the bottom cabinets and once the walls are done we will tackle that project..

the walls are a light buttercream yellow.. {that clock doesn't go there there just happen to be a nail in the wall from the previous owners so stuck up there ha i will eventually move it..}

i am not sure if i like the valances i need to see them once the couch and chair come up {which should be next week} i really wanted light even white couches but pete reminded it's the woods and dirt and can get rainy and slushy and if the dog jumped up on a light colored couch with muddy paws i would have a fit so we actually got a darker grey/blue couch and chair.. let's hope they look good!!

the pictures above were from our last trip to the house and the photos below are the ones from this past weekend..

 i really did not like the cabinet doors that were in this bathroom!! we brought them home and pete was going to just skin them in bead board and call it a day but when we got home he decided to just make new doors! i love them.. i have cute knobs for them as well and we will put those on next week.. the drawers are a different story and not much we can do so i painted them and need to sand them and hopefully they will look better.. :)

i bought those end tables above at a yardsale for 5 bucks for 2.. i immediately brought them home and gel stained them and immediately hated them.. ha but i brought them up to the house and hated them even more ha ha ha .. luckily i could change them and now i love them.. i painted the top with the ci ci caldwell grey {i had never used her product before and while i love the color i was not happy with the product itself and will stick with annie sloan} the legs are annie sloan pure white..

this cute little stool i got at savers for a few bucks.. i painted the legs with annie sloan pure white and covered the top with some fabric i picked up at joannes.

here is the before photo..

here are few projects we are working on.. so this above cabinet has a funny story.. when pete first built the doors for the bathroom he made them to big and we were like augh what to do with these doors.. so we came up with this linen closet he is building and the doors fit perfectly and i now will have extra storage in the bathroom.. things tend to work themselves out in the long run because i love this cabinet and it will fit in perfect in the bathroom once we bead board the walls!!

 on our way outta town this past saturday we stopped at yard sale and the little table was 3.00 so of course i bought it.. we had nooooooo room in the truck since it was loaded for a run to the house i almost had to go the whole way with it in my lap.. ha ha ...  it's a good solid little table.. it was pine so i painted it and will add a cute knob.. i love it.. next to it is going to be the headboard for the extra room in williams.  i picked up some old shutters at a vintage store in boulder for 7 bucks and pete built a frame around them with left over wood from the linen closet, when i was painting it i knocked a slat out and pete has to replace that but other than that i love it .. re-use, reclaim, recycle nothing goes to waste around our house!!

enjoy and get diy'n!!


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