lemon salt

so last night i made lemon chicken you can find the recipe here.. it was very very good.. but i had these lovely lemons and it seemed like such a waste to not use the lemon zest.. so i zested each lemon before i juiced them and then thoughts of what can i do with all this zest began to run through my mind.. then i remembered seeing a lemon sugar and lemon salt recipe,  i can't remember the site but when i do i will credit it.. since we aren't eating sugar i nixed that idea but thought lemon salt, how awesome and won't that be good on chicken.. so i took the zest of my six lemons and combined them with course sea salt.. and put in a mason jar.. by the next day the salt took on a yellow hue and smelled so good i want to eat it with a spoon i can't wait to make lemon chicken again using my salt!!


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