fried egg/grilled cheese-sammy with spicy peach tomato jam

remember way back when.. when i made spicy peach tomato jam (here) and declared i must put this on a grilled cheese sandwich.. well i did.. and i added a fried egg.. ohh my goodnplenty it was awesome.. had i thought about it i would have added bacon too., and made it a dream come true sandwich.. my favorite wich ever is a blt.. or sometimes i make a "loosen your belt" sammy, which is a bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato wich.. we used to keep our boat at the harbor and on saturdays pete and i would stay on the boat and for breakfast hit up the harbor house cafe (best french toast everrrrrr) but because a girl can't live on french toast alone, i would order the blt off the lunch menu and ask for a side over-medium egg.. and make my own "belt" sandwich.. so if your going to make the sandwich below i suggest throwing all caution to the wind and adding 1 or 2 or heck caution is bring thrown to the wind right?? go for it.. 3 slices of bacon..

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 15 minutes
servings: 1 (why only 1 because i only made this for myself ha)

2 eggs, cooked over light-medium (tutorial on how to cook a perfect egg here..)
butter, room temp.
2 slices of bread (i only had whole wheat)
1 tblsp. spoon spicy tomato peach jam recipe found here..
2 slices of cheese (had i had pepper jack that would have so been on this)

take a small non stick skillet heat a tblsp. of butter and cook your eggs to your desired doneness.. an over light/medium egg would have been totally wonderful in this too.. in the meantime take your 2 pieces of bread and butter one side of each slice.. after your eggs are done remove and put to the side on a plate.. put a little more butter in your pan and over medium low add one sliceof bread butter side down, add a slice of cheese, add your eggs add your jam another slice of cheese then the final piece of bread butter side up.. cover your skillet with a lid and cook until your one side is toasty then flip your sandwich over and cover again and cook on the other side until cheese is melty and bread is toasty.. remove and slice and enjoy!!! a tomato would be yummy too or a slice of avocado (i am allergic but i bet others might enjoy it..) the sky is the limit with this one! make it this weekend for breakfast or even lunch!!


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