backyard bbq..

this weekend was so nice out.. how could you not have a backyard bbq..yesterday we where in the 80's.. now a lot people think our weather is just to dang hot.. but we love it.. we think those of you that live where it gets freezing cold are the crazy ones.. he he ..i guess to each their own.. give me 110 on the lake with boat and i am one happy girl.. make me go into a cold grocery store and i get cranky.. ha..he dogs love when we have famly get togethers.. we had pete's parents over and the kids!! and of course frankie came with them.. :) so all afternoon frankie, monroe and junior "fought" over the bone.. they didn't really fight they strategically stole it from each other..

monroe started out with the bone.. then...

frrankie stole it..

junior seeing an opportunity sneaks over to where frankie is.. and

score!! steals the bone.. yeah junior!!

but it's ok the other dogs decided to chew on each other.. ha so while all that was going on i was getting our bbq all together..

we started with appetizers..
(i will post what we had then over the course of the week post each recipe with directions.. )

cheese tortellini, salami, pepperoni, olives and artichoke hearts on a skewer..

seafood macaroni salad..

fresh cut up fruit..

italian sausage burgers, sliders, hot dogs, chicken sausage and corn on the cob all cooked on the grill..

all the condiments you could ask for!!

(normally put all the condiments in their own individual bowls.. but i wanted to be outside with the family so figured what the hay and skipped that part this bbq..)

as if we weren't full enough.. we had an apple tart.. with a pineapple, apricot and brandy glaze.. for dessert

to end the evening a cigar and beer outside..

or in granny's case a glass of wine and a cigar..

well that concludes our bbq folks.. i hope where ever you were you were able to enjoy your weekend with family and friends..


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