bbq chicken.. super easy!!!!

ok so i think we have established over the last month that i love to bbq.. and i'll bbq just about anything.. one of my all time favorites is bbq chicken.. when shell requests dinner it's either bbq chicken or ravioli... growing up i wouldn't eat bbq chicken.. it always looks burned and scary looking to me.. what i later found out was the sugars in the bbq sauce where actually what was burned and it was only the outside that had char marks but the inside was juicy and delicious.. when i finally embraced bbq and started loving it was in my 20's and i knew i had to cook mine to where the bbq sauce didn't burn.. it still looked unappealing to me even though i knew it wasn't "burned" per say.. i tried the method that a lot of cooks and books recommend, which is too cook it plain with nothing on it then the last few minutes put the bbq sauce on.. and guess what it tasted like to me.... plain chicken with bbq sauce on top of it..not bbq chicken.. i know that method is popular but just not for me.. then about 25 years ago i bought a bbq book at a yardsale (the name and author i have no idea it's been long gone for years..) well it had this style of cooking called indirect heat..  hallelujah and praise the heavens i found a way too cook my chicken with the bbq sauce on it the entire time and it not be burned to a crisp on the outside.. over the years i have switched up the bbq sauce numerous times.. (but the cooking style has remained the same..) and the past few years my favorite has been sweet baby rays!! it seriously doesn't get better than his!! this recipe and cooking method are so easy your going to think why in the world does she need to have an entire post deidicated to this.. well i will tell you why.. sometimes we forget, or at least i do.. that the simplest meals can be just as delicious as the complicated fangled ones.. 3 ingredients i used.. boneless/skinless chicken thighs.. sweet baby rays bbq sauce and a siracha for a little heat.. grill grill.. dinner's with indirect heat may take a bit longer but it's ohh so worth it!! i will on occasion use a dry rub.. or make my one bbq sauce or do both.. but for the quick work night gotta have it fast this recipe works out perfect!!

bbq chicken

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 30 minutes
servings: 4


8-12 thighs (mine where on the smaller side so i gaged 3 thighs per person)
1/2 a bottle of sweet baby rays (or your favorite bbq sauce)
1 tblsp. siracha (less if your a wimp or more if your insane.. ha j/k)

light your grill to high.. leave on high while you get your chicken ready.. pour out your bbq sauce in a small mixing bowl and add your siracha.. mix well.. rinse and pat dry your chicken.. lay out on a lined baking sheet and using a bbq brush slather on your bbq sauce.. (wash your bbq brush) let sit for about 10 minutes while your grill gets nice and hot.. turn one side off and keep the other side on high.. put your chicken on the off side.. close the lid and let cook for about 10-12 minutes.. then flip your chicken to the on side.. turn on the side you just had your chicken on and turn it off on the side the chicken is now on.. (make sense? i hope so) slather on another layer of bbq sauce.. and close lid and cook another 10-12 minutes.. your looking for an interntal temperature of about 165-170..remove from grill when done and cover and let rest for about 5 minutes before serving..


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