Happy Easter 2012!!

we had such a great Easter this year.. i hope you did too and you got to spend the day with your family and friends..  i did go a little over board due to pinterest.. ha.. i just love it! i am going to post pictures of what i made and our party and over the next week or two i will post the recipes to what i made.. also i needed to give a big shout out to bountiful baskets i know i mention them all the time but last week i got the easter hostess basket and it totally rocked!!

carrot cake with pineapple flowers.. inspired by pinterest recipes found here and here...

bunny oreo truffles inspired by pinterest.. recipes found here and here...

oreo chick pops recipe found here..

grandmommy's miracle whip cake with buttercream frosting and chocolate ganach.. recipes inspired here and here..

sunflower peep lemon cake.. inspired by pinterest recipes found here and here.. (see the vase in the center of the table.. it's jelly beans and rabbit peeps.. surprise surprise i got the idea from pinterest!!)

bunny bait.. inspired by pinterest.. recipe found here..

my cousin danny showing off his photography skills.. (psst the idea to add lemons to the flowers and put them in mason jars totally from pinterest!!)

three beautiful girls.. janet.. shell and amelia!!!

amelia and jake admiring something..

jake and sam showing that hours in the gym pay off they look amazing..

2 of my most favorite people in the world!! jake and shell..


 i love this kid and his smile.. Ollie..

shell and sam.. lovely smiles!!

pete and amelia.. she loves her Tio Pete..

Amelia, Shell and Me.. :)

beautiful baby girl!!

my mom and dad.. aka bob and poppi

shell, keka, dean and baby bump jax.....


  1. Found this post on pinterest because of your pineapple flowers and had to comment :) Your cake, and well all of your desserts, came out beautifully! I attempted the pineapple flowers this past weekend for a bridal shower and was pleased with the result. I need to slice them even thinner next time and would really love to put them on a cake like you did, its so elegant, well done!

    Katie@Little Things Bring Smiles

  2. Thank you!! It was definately fun!! I really liked the way the turned out who would have thought you could make such pretty flowers with pineapple.. I used my mandoline n the thinest setting and they came out really nice.. :)


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