roast beef 1000 grilled sammy..

i was watching diners drive ins and dives last week and saw a show about a sandwich called cutty's roast beef 1000 in small sandwich shop in boston.. their website here...the recipe from food net work is here.. it's actually a little different than the show... the show had a spice mixture that looked awesome.. so i ended using the recipe from the show and not from their website.. i also changed it up because i had different bread and i wanted it grilled.. :) but let me tell you this sandwich was fantastic.. and i was inspired for my 1000 island dressing recipe from martha herself.. recipe found here.. it was so fricking good i kept dipping the meat in the dressing i couldn't help also called for crispy shallots.. ohh lawdy.. have you had those?? no? well get on it.. they are amazing!!! your supposed to let the meat sit over night with the spice mixture on it.. so plan accordingly..

i think this meat alone not on a sandwich with the spices that are rubbed on it would be great as a dinner.. the recipes calls for a beef chuck roll roast and well i couldn't find that so i got a beef chuck loin roast and i think it worked out perfect..

and the written recipe calls for just kosher salt but he made a salt based spice blend on the show with pepper corns, cloves, pink pepper corns, bay leaves and nutmeg.. it was fantastic..  i tried to duplicate the spice blend and turned out very good.. i also added a few spices i thought would be good too.. those measurements won't be exact because i basically just watched the show and threw it all in my spice grinder.. i didn't measure anything :( sorry..

roast beef 1000 with crispy shallots

prep time: 30 minutes
cook time: 2 hours
servings: 4 sandwich with left over meat.. :)

6 medium shallots, sliced thin and dried on a paper towel
2 cups vegi oil (i thought this was excessive and did not use that much i think might have used 1/2 or even less)
5 lb. whole beef chuck loin roast
spice mixture (recipe below)

thousand island dressing (recipe below)

buns or sandwich bread ( i used sour dough)
8 slices of cheese, i used mozzarella
butter  (room temperature)

place shallots in oil in a small sauce pot and cook over high heat until oil starts to bubble.. reduce heat to medium and continue to cook, stirring frequently and adjusting heat to maintain steady stream of bubbles.. cook until shallots are a rust colored, about 15 minutes.. (pay attention i burned my first batch :( )remove shallots and place on a paper towel lined plate..separate shallots with a fork and season with salt.. allow to cool completely.. you will have more than needed for the sandwiches so whats left over store in a tight sealed container.. (they are great on burgers or with eggs or so many other things.. they are yummy)

season beef with your spice mixture all over.. i put mine in a casserole dish like above and wrapped it with plastic wrap and kept int he fridge over night.. the next day remove your beef from the fridge and  preheat your oven to 475 degrees (f).. bring your meat up to room temperature.. remove plastic wrap and place in oven and cook until lightly brown about 30 minutes.. flip roast over and drop the temperature to 300 and continue roasting until you get an internal temp. of 135 degrees.. about 45 minutes.. remove from oven.. allow it to rest for about 45 minutes then slice thinly.. to make your grilled cheese.. heat a scosh of butter in a medium saute pan over medium heat.. then completely butter one side of your bread, place that one slice butter side down into the pan.. add 1 slice of cheese your roast beef, your thousand island dressing, crispy shallots, 1 more slice of cheese and top with the remaining slice of bread.. butter the side up facing you.. turn heat down to medium low and cover and cook until golden brown on that side that's down.. about 2-3 minutes.. flip, cover and cook until golden brown on the other side about 2-3 minutes.. remove from pan allow to cool about 1 minute.. cut in half and devour!!!! omg this sandwich was sooo good!!

to make the spices i added to my spice grinder, black peppercorns, pink peppercorns, white pepper corns, onion flakes, about 4 bay leaves, dehydrated garlic flakes, crushed red pepper and ground nut meg grounded it all up and added it to a bowl with salt in it about a tblsp. of salt and mixed it around.. (sorry not more precise the recipe on the food network just calls for salt if your leery about making your own spice mixture just use basic salt and pepper)

spicy thousand island dressing:

makes about 3/4 of a cup so you will have left overs.. i used it on my salad the next day for lunch..


1/2 cup of mayo
2 tblsp. ketchup
1 tsp. of sambal oelek (asian hot chili paste) i used more than a tsp. and it was fantastic
2 tblsp. sweet pickle relish
2 tsp. horseradish
2 tsp. coarsely chopped green olives with pimentos
salt and pepper

whisk together everything in a medium/small mixing bowl.. cover and put in the fridge until ready to use..


  1. That looks so great. I got one of them at a festival once. I've been searching for different steak recipes and I am so happy to have this one.

  2. Thanks it was so yummy!! My daughter wanted hers on a french deli roll with swiss and au jus!!!


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