take my word for it wednesday.. my home town sure can flood..

it's take my word for wednesday..  where for whatever i reason i have to ask you to take my for it about how great the meal was or something else i am babbling about.. and today is no different.. i had every intention of taking photos of my amazing 2 inch thick rib eyes i cooked on the grill.. and even my fresh green beans i steamed then sauteed with bacon and tomatoes.. and especially my small purple potatoes i roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic.. but the weather had other plans.. you see it rained yesterday.. it started and would not stop.. the following pictures were not taken by me they are from a local news station.. it's just a little hint of why i didn't take pictures.. i did however cook the meal so i will tell you about it.. he he :)

I believe this the parking structure by the regional justice center.. which had be closed yesterday.

 this is the unlv parking lot... luckily jake parked in the other lot yesterday... leave it to college students to enjoy the flooding...

this is a women being rescued from her car when it was over taken by water and she was taking shelter on the roof of it.. 30 people had to be rescued.. what it weird is this rain hit us hard and fast and didn't stop and when it finally did everything was under water..

the other unlv parking lot!!

so when i got home it was sooo over cast and not sunny that any attempt to take photos of the dishes would have been futile!!

but i took my 2 inch rib eyes.. brushed them olive oil.. then sprinkled them with garlic powder, onion powder, fresh ground pepper and sea salt.. let them sit for about a 1/2 an hour before adding them to a medium high grill.. i put them on when  it was high let them sit there for about 30 seconds get a nice sear then dropped the temp to medium and cooked each side about 7 minutes per.. they came out perfect... (they were pretty thick and i like my steak pretty rare so cook it to your liking) when you remove your steaks let them sit about 6-8 minutes before cutting into them you want the juices to redistribute back into the meat..

for the potatoes they were little ones smaller than a golf ball i washed and scrubbed them then drizzled them in olive oil and tossed them with fresh minced garlic (about 4 cloves) and fresh ground pepper and sea salt.. i put them in a casserole dish in a single layer and cooked them on 350 degrees (f) for about 45-60 minutes.. about every 20 minutes i took them out and moved them around with my spoon so the bottoms wouldn't burn..

for my green beans i bought a bag of them in the produce department they come already in a microwavable bag.. i zapped them for 3 minutes.. in the interim i took 2 pieces of bacon cut them into small lardons and cooked them down in a saute pan over medium heat until cooked but not crispy.. then i added my cooked green beans to the pan with bacon.. (be careful they spit when you add the green beans) then tossed them around for about 2 minutes then i added a can of diced tomatoes, salt and plenty of pepper.. i also added a healthy dose of crushed red pepper.. tossed it around again dropped the heat to simmer and just let them mingle and cook for about 20 minutes.. 

i hope you get to try these recipes and not worry that there aren't photos take my word for it they were delish!!! 



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