take my word for it wednesday.. jax is a month old!!

OoOoOPs this was supposed to post yesterday.. sorry..

i have mentioned maybe once before (he he) that we have a new little guy that joined the family recently!! jaxton dean renholm.. well he turned a month last week and we had to  celebrate this auspicious occasion by having an impromptu bbq!!! here is aunt carey holding him...

joining the gang by sitting by the fire pit (which was not lit because it's still to warm.. wait a month it will be lit every weekend)

the doggies enjoying their play time..

teo pete loving on the this little guy..

pete actually giggled.. he is a big guy to be giggling!!

daddy showing off his adorable son!!

favorite spot in momma's arms!!

let's hear it.. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp

we grilled burgers, italian sausage burgers, hot dogs, i made baked beans.. macaroni salad and we had chips.. the kids loved it!!!

we put uncle paulie in charge of the grill this time!! every thing was wonderful!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAX!!!! 1 month old!!!!


  1. Looks like a GREAT day and he is SOOOOO cute!

  2. Thank you Misty and I am a little biased but I have to agree he is so adorable!!!


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