take my word for it wednesday.. i am almost 46..

well the time has come that i must say good bye to 45 and hello to 46.. sadly i wasn't able to complete my 45 by 45 (which was a challenge i gave myself to cook 45 things before i was no longer 45 and that i had never made before).. i will still continue to work on the list and ultimately complete everything.. EXCEPT! i won't be cooking with goat or cooking a whole pig.. those where pete's ideas and well they were dumb.. ha ha just kidding but seriously not something i want to do.. and i actually have completed a lot that i didn't post.. for whatever reason i didn't photo it or it didn't turn out the way i wanted.. so no proof.. you'll believe me right?? i did complete the following and was able to "document" them.. and for the some of the ones i didn't complete i have added a link to the ones i intend on trying.. so let's change it to 45 by 46 1/2.. ha ha




lightened up bread pudding

apple bundt cake


braised short ribs

now on to the ones i didn't accomplish but still want to try.. these recipes below might help..


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