{45 by 45} introducing mr. and mrs. croque

i heard of a sandwich called croque-monsieur about a million years ago but until sunday i had never had one.. mainly because usually if there is a croque-monsieur on the menu there is also a monte cristo, which is my all time favorite.. i made one here.. check it out.. and well when i see one of those on the menu everything goes blurry and black and i must order it.. but my mom has always loved the croque-monsieur; we had a little trendy joint called cafe michelle that would serve a croque-michelle.. which was made on a croissant.. now this little fact must have been in the recesses of my mind because cafe michelle closed probably 15 years ago..

but when i saw this sandwich on pinterest i knew i had to make it.. i actually pinned the same pin/recipe 4 different times over the course of a month, i must have really wanted to make it.. i tucked the idea of making it away and thought some day.. then i realized it's on my 45 by 45 to do list and the end of that is rapidly approaching.. and well some day better be soon.. then when i saw croissant squares at the grocery store.. and some day became sunday!!

now like i said i had never had one before and didn't really know what it entailed.. it's not to labor intensive but seriously folks this could be the best tasting thing ever.. (i won't go as far as to say better than a monte cristo but pretty darn close) it's soooooooooooooo good.. now of course i didn't make it the way your supposed to or in the words of my brother in law when i change a recipe i bastardized it.. ha.. but i think my version was so yummy and not knowing what a "real" one tastes like i would say this one is a winner.. pete called it restaurant quality.. since mine is not the real thing we won't go getting all fancy on you and calling it a french name.. hence mr. croque.. (now if you want the real real thing just google it and a bagizzlion recipes will pop up, but i think my version is worth trying too)

mr. croque sandwich

prep time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 10 minutes
servings: 4


1 tblps. butter
1 tblsp. white whole wheat flour
1 cup 2 % milk
salt and pepper (my pepper spilled into the mixture which is why mine is so peppery looking and well it was awesome that way ha )
pinch of netmeg
1 cup shredded 2 % part skim jarlsberg cheese
8 slices of 2 % part skim jarlsberg cheese
6 oz. of deli sliced thin honey baked ham
dijon mustard
4 croissant squares (or regular croissants)

pre heat oven to 400 degrees (f)...  in a small sauce pan over medium low heat melt butter.. once melted add flour.. whisk for about 2 minutes.. slowly add milk.. *your basically making a classic bechemel* whisking continuously, until sauce is thickened.. remove from heat.. add salt, pepper, nutmeg and shredded cheese.. whisk to incorporate.. set aside.. halve and lightly toast your croissants.. place the slices on a lined baking sheet and cook for about 2-3 minutes then remove and flip over and cook another 2 minutes.. until lightly toasted.. brush the inside of each croissant with dijon mustard, add a slice of cheese then ham then cheese again.. top with over half of the croissant.. slather the tops with cheese sauce.. i then put mine in an iron skillet and put in the oven for about 5 minutes.. *your supposed to turn on the broil after 5 minutes for about 2 minutes until its brown and bubbly and well i forgot to do that ha.. bubble headed me* serve hot.. now if you want to make it amazing.. wonderful.. better than before you make it a mrs.. and add an egg and in the words of one famous lady.. if you liked it, then you should have put an egg on it...or something to that effect..

simply make an over easy egg and put it on top!! make your egg while the sammy is in the oven baking.. serve hot and definitely serve with a knife and fork ohh and a mimosa!! (the mimosa is a must...)

enjoy!! this is an absolute must for sunday brunch!!!


  1. Nice photos. :) I haven't made a Croque Monsieur for years but I will now. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Very cool! I had never heard of these until now!! Thanks for sharing it on Manic Monday :)


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