{45 by 45} homemade flour tortillas

so i've been wanting to make flour tortilla's forever.. i found a ton of recipes and they are all basically the same.. one thing i didn't do which i would do next time is use warm water.. i plan on making them again maybe this weekend.. I didn't use enough shortening either.. the recipe i used called for 1 tlb. and well now looking at other recipes i realize i should have used like 4-5 .. the recipe i used is here.. and i just have to beleive it's wrong with the amount of shortening.. another i looked at afterwards was from here.. one recipe i saw called for olive oil that one found here.. and i think might try it this weekend.. no matter what they were still yummy.. just not pretty..  mine weren't exactly round either i finally got the hang of it around the last 2.. figures!!

Update: 1/24/2012 I made them again this weekend and used the proper amount of shortening and they didn't last long enough to even make it to the warming platter so no picture.. so definately use 5 tbls. of shortening if you want traditional style tortilla's.. less if you want them more cracker like..

oh and those little black flecks are from using my iron skillet tortilla pan not sure how to avoid that :/

the recipe below is how they should have been made and not i made them.. so it's more of don't do what i do.. do what i say kinda thing.. he he *wink*

prep time: 45 minutes
servings: 12


2 cups ap flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
5 tbls. vegetable shortening or lard ( i did not use enough so the picture above looks funky)
3/4 cup of hot water

in a large mixing bowl add the flour, salt and baking powder.. whisk to combine.. add shortening... using  your fingers cut in the shortening until the mixture resembles pea size pieces.. add hot water and mix together with your hands until it starts to form a ball.. knead dough on a floured surface about 5-7 minutes.. form into a ball and cover in a bowl for about 10 minutes.. then pinch off the dough and form a smaller golf ball size ball.. you should get about 12 balls.. place them on a lined baking sheet and cover again and let it set about 20 minutes..preheat your cast iron skillet to medium high heat.. roll our dough on a floured surface forming a circle.. to make a circle roll out the dough then make a 1/4 turn and roll some more then make another 1/4 turn and roll some more.. keep doing this until your tortilla is about 1/8 inch thick.. place on a hot skillet and cook until bubbly.. flip over and cook on other side.. each side should take about 25-35 seconds.. place in a basket lined with a tea towel and continue to cook them all.. they are delish!!!!


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