take my word for it wednesday.. bbq ribs while camping at the beach are amazing..

every october since I can remember we have camped at doheny state beach.. some years we aren't lucky enough to get spots right on the beach but this year we got three!! jake and sam camped in one and my brother and family camped in another and pete and i camped in the middle.. we had such a good time.. the weather was perfect.. friends came down that i hadn't seen in over 30 years.. the food was good.. the company better.. all in all a great trip.. i was cooking for 12 people and at times i was perplexed on how to cook for that many on my little bbq grill.. so i improvised and well the results were great.. a couple quotes from the bbq rib dinner were: jake: 2 out of the 3 ribs i just ate were the best ribs i have ever had.. me: what about the 3rd rib? jake: i don't know it tasted like soap but the other 2 were amazing.. ha.. poppi: these are outstanding did you buy them pre made from costco? {for those that don't know to have my dad compare your cooking to something made from costco is a big deal he loves!! those pre made meals from costco..} so i was pretty happy with the results.. this way could easily be made at home or you could make my beer braised bbq ribs for similar results..

camping bbq ribs

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 2-3 hours
servings: 12

4 racks of baby back ribs
salt and pepper to taste
bbq sauce (we used sweet baby rays)

sprinkle each rack of ribs with salt and pepper and then wrap in foil.. heat your bbq grill to low {the one we camp with is pretty small} place 2 foil wrapped racks on the bottom and then add the other 2 foiled wrapped racks on top of those close lid.. then every 15 minutes for the 2 hours rotate the racks.. after about 2 hours or so they will be falling apart tender if not cook another 30 minutes.. when tender remove them from the foil and place in a disposable {if camping} or regular casserole dish and slather them with your bbq sauce.. place them back to the grill {2 racks at a time.. while 2 are cooking cover the other 2 that aren't cooking with foil} over low/medium heat grill them for about 10-15 minutes per side.. make sure to brush more sauce on when you turn them over..you basically want to caramelize the bbq sauce.. remove first 2 racks and place the other 2 on the hot grill.. cover the 2 that are now done or slice up and begin serving, replenishing with the ones on the grill when they are done... they were so tender and flavorful.. perfect for camping..

this little girl makes mornings bright!!

we had so much stuff.. bike rides and relaxing were the events of the day..
frankie was cold one morning so jake put his jacket on him.. he loved it he he {that was jake's campsite.. he, sam and frankie slept in their tent trailer, while shell and her friend bri slept in the tent}

everyone waiting patiently while jake makes coffee..

i heart that face..

the kids were supposed to be helping teo pete with the kite.. they lost interest very quickly..

ya ya the kite flew..

shell was annoyed with me taking pictures while they ate..

ha.. brat!!
enjoy and get camp'n!!!


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