take my word for it wednesday.. easter was wonderful!!

we had a really fun easter celebration.. blending many families into a big celebration.  above is our niece and nephew {my brother's kids} and our nephew {pete's sisters grandson}.. they all got along great.. no kid melt downs!!

the every beautiful and brilliant amelia!!

pete's sister and her 2 grandkids!! :) 

amelia's new "trick" is to pretend to kiss you and then she licks you.. shell totally fell for it!!

i love each and everyone of these faces.. josh, shell, jess, sam and jake!! {with brad photobombing in the background}

this year the dessert table had lots of donuts... i took store bought donut holes and layered them in a glass bowl.. 

i made these insanely good chocolate donuts which i served  on glass cake plates..

i took premade donut holes and put them on sticks and arranged them like flowers in a little pot..

you kinda see them back there i ordered mason jars from amazon {didn't know they would be blue but it turned out great} I left the ring on the top and made flower arrangements in them.. 

the dessert table turned out very nice..

 pete made a farm table several years ago.. running along the center is a rain gutter that can be used as a ice bucket for wine, beer or water.. {basically anything you want to put in there} so I took bottles i've been picking up at yard-sales and added a tulip to each one..
i took green utensils and wrapped them with an orange napkin and tied it with green twine for a "carrot effect".. so i say to my brother did you notice they were carrots.. he said what were carrots? i said the utensil bundles looked like carrots.. he says no and I guarantee not one person here noticed they resembled carrots.. at that moment my niece was walking by and she says ohh i did i thought they were cute .. my cousin scott says i noticed too.. curtis rolled his eyes.. i stuck my tongue out at him and walked away.. ha ha..

speaking of curtis here is the butthead here with our parents :)

my beautiful cousin and her handsome hubby

my future in laws.. sam's family!! 

i made carrot and zucchini muffins with cream cheese frosting..

love love love these boys.. jaxie and jakey..

 my darling keka and jaxie with brad photobombing again..

i loved the tulips!!

here is cutie patootie jaxie..
jaxie getting his basket.. psst.. guess what!! you see that little basket by his big one.. it's for his new brother or sister.. we'll meet him or her in november..

how can you not love these faces..

pete's sister barb's family!!

the kids getting their baskets and inspecting them.. i remember loving that part.. we ended up making 14 baskets this year..

smile smile!!

i didn't put much candy at all in the baskets i think the only candy was a little box of jelly bellys!!

fun fun..
Ollie telling shell something funny..
auntie jo jo ..

a good time was had by all!!
i hope your easter was filled with family, friends and laughter!! and remember to always
enjoy and get cook'n!!


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