pinteresting monday.. diy farm table.. with wine/beer cooler built in..

i found the idea for the table on pinterest.. the plans and detailed instructions on how to make it can be found here.. (print them and take them with you to the hardware store.. we followed it almost exact.. only change was we made our table 6' instead of 8'..) the idea for the stain we used can be found here.. we used equal parts vinegar and coffee and threw in a piece of steel wool..we intended on using it after it sat for 24 hours but pete had to go out of town and it ended up sitting for about 3-4 days.. and i just love it.. check out how dark it is.. and the idea for the beer/wine cooler came from here.. i came home from work one day with a printed stack of projects i wanted pete and i to do.. and he picked this one as being one of the first.. the very first was the herb label/spoons we did here.. and well we didn't kill each other so we thought ohh let's do another project.. he he and it turned out amazing.. i couldn't be happier with the results..

pete cut all the wood on a saturday afternoon..

using the detailed instructions every step of the way..

sunday morning he started to assemble the table..

by sunday afternoon he was already starting to add the top..

by mid afternoon the table was built!!

doesn't it look purrty!!

he then cut the center piece for the wine/beer cooler..

we used a rain gutter.. and pete cut it down to fit..

it fits perfect.. *whew*

i was so pleased with how well this project was coming together..

then he started to stain it.. using the coffee, vinegar and steel wool..

the staining came along quiet nicely..

it's amazing it was just coffee, vinegar and steel wool..

then pete put a clear satin finish on it..

i seriously love this table..

I am linked up to this fun party.. check them out here..



  1. Thanks for your sharing ,and these are looking very attractive and good finishing .

    Best wishes from Canada!
    Owner of farm table company.

  2. Very cool and unique idea! That will make for many fun nights with friends!
    Thanks for sharing - nice to have you here!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  3. Thank you and yes can't wait to have our first official "party" to use it!! :)


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